Stocking the Freezer

This weekend has been extremely busy and extremely productive at the same time.  I didn’t realize that the two could co-exist (yes, seriously), but between the top-to-bottom house cleaning, the re-organization of the closet beneath our staircase and the pile of things waiting to go to the Goodwill, I’d say we did well.

I also took some time today to catch-up on my blog commenting.  I’ve been reading, but obviously the last few days have been kind of…hectic.  It was nice to take some time to sit on the couch, catch-up on the Food Network and process.

In totally related yet totally unrelated news, since Marcus’ employer kicks it old school, they sent him home on Thursday with a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Obviously we don’t host Thanksgiving, so that leaves us plus one bird.  13 pounds of meat would be a lot for a group to put away, much less two people.  Plus, a full-sized varmint takes up a great deal of space in the freezer.

So just like last spring, today we butchered.

Split into wings, thighs, drumsticks and breasts.  20 minutes later and we should be good to go on the meat-front for a while.

Note to self: If I’m going to do a photo shoot, it probably shouldn’t be on a no make-up day 😉

Did you have a productive weekend?

Have you ever hacked a turkey to pieces?

14 responses to “Stocking the Freezer

  1. Giving out a turkey IS totally old school. You and your apron are adorable and I’m glad you’ll be putting that meat to use. It reminds me of the end of Christmas Story, “turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey leftovers….” – Like the turkey that keeps on giving. #Love

  2. I also had a productive weekend! Cooking, cleaning, etc. Sorry I missed the par-tay… hopefully next year.

  3. Had a totally unproductive weekend 😦 But love your apron!

  4. Oh goodness, raw birds are nasty! You are a much braver soul than I, but hey at least you have a good stock pile of turkey to last awhile.
    I’d say I had a productive weekend or busy at least. Ran a 9 mile run, took my dad out to lunch for his birthday on Saturday, went to a football game, did the last of my needed volunteer hours and… yeah! I think that’s it.

  5. I just ordered my very first turkey! We are deep frying it…should be interesting! And hopefully tasty!

  6. I have never hacked a turkey to pieces…but I have hacked a chicken to pieces, so that’s something. I hate to say it, but I’m not a real big turkey fan. Apparently I suffer from Poultry Prejudice.

  7. My husband’s employer sent him home with a turkey on Friday too. I was like “Waaahhhh!” I have no idea what to do with it. It scares me. I am giving it to my sister with a big old MERRY CHRISTMAS smile:-)
    (and I hope she invites me over for dinner;-)

  8. I’ve never carved a turkey, but I did debone and chop up a big ass chicken once and I think it permanently scarred me!

  9. The US Postal Service will determine whether or not I hack up a bird. I’m still waiting for that roasting pan to show up in the mail…
    If it doesn’t show up before Thursday, I’ll have to quickly learn how to hack it *hi-hat sound*.

  10. I’ve never hacked up a turkey….but I LOVE your apron! It’s sooo cute!

  11. I’ve never made my very own turkey, how can I call myself a grown woman??

  12. LOVE the no make-up day photo shoot! As with any projects in the kitchen, the proper choice of apron ensures success.

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