Daily Archives: 11.19.2011

Wine Glasses and Cider Mugs

The most obvious sign that your dinner party was a success.

Besides the realization that you used the better part of a bottle of Windex to get ready for said dinner party.  And the fact that all of the linens you just washed to use for the party are now sitting on top of the washing machine, waiting to go through another spin cycle.

Tonight was the 2nd Annual Friend Thanksgiving.  Observed by my sorority sisters and I, it’s The Way to enjoy the best parts of Thanksgiving without any of the judgement and any of the stress.

There are no touchy subjects.  No problems to sweep under the rug.  No awkward moments.  No pressure.

If the Pilgrims got the chance to use a “do-over” on Thanksgiving, I’m 100% sure this is the way that they do it.

How it works: Everyone has to bring a dessert or a side.


Once you’ve set your heart on The Perfect Recipe, even if someone else says they’re bringing something from the same food group (example: potatoes, cream cheese, stuffing), you have to hold your ground and bring your dish anyway.

There is no turkey, there is no real structure to the meal.

Case in Point:  Tonight we had mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and a mushroom-potato gratin.

Viva la vida.

If you had to pick one “best” part of Thanksgiving, what would it be?