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Friday Food Round-Up!

Theme of the week: Breaking down barriers.  Marcus has sworn up and down on many occasions that he does not like Pot Pie or Peanut Noodles.  He sticks his nose up at wilted greens.

That being said, he’ll try anything I make ONCE.  Thanksgiving is next week and I know our eats will be fail-safe.  So this week I pushed recipes on him like no one’s business.

Sunday – Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

I’ve been hanging onto this recipe now for…almost two years?  And I’ve been trying to purge The Recipe Binder of unused/mediocre recipes for the last month or-so.  It was fight or flight time for this guy.  I mean, how bad could Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie actually be?

Answer: I should have made this recipe two years ago.

It fits into all of my favorite categories: cheap, fast, doesn’t require specialized equipment, can be easily made by one person.

If you love buffalo wings or pot pie (or both!) then run, don’t walk.

Our modifications: We only used one box of cornbread (and the corresponding amounts of milk and eggs) because two seemed like it would be absolutely excessive.  We used 1/3 cup of hot sauce instead of 1/4.  If you enjoy HOT wings, you would be more than fine with a 1/2 cup.

Monday – Roasted acorn squash rubbed with rosemary, salt and pepper and topped with a soft-fried egg

More single girl food.

Surprise.  Surprise.

While it was roasting away, I entertained an internal debate about how I wanted to consume my squash.  And then I realized that a delicious way to compensate for some sorely lacking protein in my meal would be to action a few soft-fried eggs and pop one into each hole.  It also took care of The Cheese Issue.

Cheese on roasted Acorn squash is delicious.  But I’ve found that it kind of melts into the squash, which kind of defeats the whole point of having cheese in the first place.

Egg yolks, on the other hand, provided a rich and creamy base without disappearing into the abyss.  This may or may not become a staple in the I’m Eating Dinner On My Own-rotation.

Tuesday – Moo Shu Pork Beef and Cold Curry-Peanut Noodles from Great, Easy Meals and steamed broccoli

Why, hello fake take-out night!

I knew we weren’t going to be cooking for the rest of the week, and I also knew that we would have to feed ourselves lunch for the next three days.  So, I actioned two main courses instead of one and embraced the law of variety.


The Moo Shu Beef was supposed to go into a lettuce wrap, but after wilting AN ENTIRE BAG of coleslaw into the mix, it just seemed excessive.

Marcus’ take on lettuce wraps: No one actually looks forward to the lettuce part.  It’s all about the presentation.

We skipped them and were none the worse for the wear.  And our meal was far less of a mess to consume as well.

Chopsticks on the other hand, are non-negotiable.

The peanut noodles were another beast all together.  I feel like the spaghetti box should have come with a disclaimer because making an entire box of the stuff?  Leaves you with A TON of pasta.  Or I might just be really out of the pasta game.

The sauce was deceptively easy to make.  I used an entire can of curry paste (~5 T) instead of the recommended 1-2 T.  I’m still not really sure why we needed crunchy peanut butter, specifically.  And in the end, I needed about a cup (total) of the pasta water to get the sauce to do its thing, which was perfectly fine.

The verdict?  That cookbook (knock on wood) has yet to let me down.  If you like cooking and don’t necessarily have lots of time or tons of cash to throw at it, then this is a SUPERB book to work out of.

When is the last time you tricked someone into loving something they had previously claimed to hate?

What does it take for you to declare a meal a “winner?”