Daily Archives: 11.16.2011

Exhibit A: Pumpkin Bars

Oh my word.  Let’s just pretend that yesterday’s post never happened.  When I looked back at it, I couldn’t help but to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.  I blame Chardonnay and the documentary on the Burning Man festival that I was watching.  It’s hard to mind your P’s and Q’s in that sort of situation.

But today, I promise that I can do better for you kittens.

Since Thanksgiving is (literally) right around the corner, it’s time to start wrapping-up The Fall Five.

Yes, I still need to take my car in for a wash.  And I realize that somehow I’ve managed to spend the longest amount of time on what was probably the easiest goal.

The snow is coming this weekend so I promise that I’ll get it done.

Pinky swear.

But now, we move forward.

Last weekend it was time to action a batch of fall treats.  Originally I had visions of actioning MANY fall treats.  Pumpkin.  Apple.  Ginger.  Pecan.  Barks.  Muffins.  Cookies.  Cakes.

Then the reality of the situation set in.

I don’t have unlimited amounts of time.

My husband doesn’t like desserts.

I can’t lose the marathon weight and eat all of the desserts on my own.

So I scaled back and kept with the pumpkin theme that I’ve been embracing this fall.

You know you’re onto something when you Google Pumpkin Bars and the first recipe in the search results is from Paula Deen.

See Exhibit A.

Hello?  No brainer.  You say yes.  Because even though I’ve seen her make some dishes that would make your hair stand on-end from a healthy living standpoint, you know what comes out of her kitchen is always 11/10 delicious.

I mixed the batter.  Licked the frosting off of the beaters.  Made merry.  The usual routine.

My choice of recipe was reaffirmed last Saturday when I dropped Marcus off for a guys’ night en route to girls’ night.  When we walked into Mike’s house, the first thing I spied on the coffee table were a plate of…Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Bars (they do have a distinctive, cake-like look, after all).

As it turns out, Jillian had felt like The Universe was directing her to bake as well.  So, like any sane person, she Heeded The Message and hopped to.  As it turns out, The Universe had intended for us to bake The Exact Same Thing on The Same Day.  Like I said before, seeing her bars on the coffee table was like showing up at school wearing the same shirt as your best friend.

Except on a cosmic scale.

What’s your favorite fall treat to make?  Share your links/recipes if you have them!