Daily Archives: 11.15.2011

For vanity’s sake.

Happy Tuesday, kittens!

I have to tell you, I’m still in total denial that Thanksgiving is next week.  I feel like we’ve only just gotten to the middle of November and suddenly, we’ve nearly reached the end of the month.

I haven’t even gotten the chance to make my hand turkeys yet, for crying out loud.

Don’t fret, my best efforts at burying my head in the sand haven’t kept me from bookmarking recipes for stuffing and potato casseroles and the multitude of things you can do with leftover turkey.


Check back with me next week.

For vanity’s sake, tonight I decided to attempt another self-portrait.

And I thought I took a fair number of decent snaps, until I realized that I was sporting a MAJOR muffin top in all of them.

Ooops.  Not suitable for public consumption.

See?  Blogging: Not just fun and games.

It’s constant vigilance all the time.

So instead, y’all get a bug-eyed kissy-face peace sign.  Because that’s what everybody needs for an It’s almost the middle of the week-pick-me-up.

How original.  I know.

In some circles they call that getting back on the horse.

I promise that next time, I’ll try to bring you something more inventive.

For now I’m left to ponder important stuff like, Is J.Crew’s Neon Peach really my color?  How bad are my roots?  I really need to fix that Tiffany’s bracelet that exploded on me the day before the marathon.  Should I do my mirror face all the time?


Have you ever committed a photo faux pas?

Are you mentally prepared for Thanksgiving?