Daily Archives: 11.14.2011

Dangling The Carrot

It’s the middle of November.  The holidays are very nearly upon us and the weather continues to deteriorate.

This month’s revelation comes to you from the extraordinary exhaustion that creeps in when you’re up your mileage.  I’m not alone, kittens.  Kirsten and Allison got cut-down too.

The question of the weekend was: Is this mono?

It’s actually kind of impressive to see how quickly that sort of memory fades away.

You know, until it strikes again.

Oh, how it strikes.

As fall marathon season wraps-up, I’ve been seeing tons of articles about how to avoid the post-marathon blues.

I think it’s safe to say that in Kat-land, they never hit.  At first it was because my body hurt so much that the very thought of running seemed ridiculous.  But I also think that it might have to do with the fact that Monster Dash aside, I’ve spent the last few weeks in Active Distraction Mode.

We booked hotel rooms for Grandma’s.

I was really sold on the idea of having an easily accessible ice machine for on-demand ice bath-ing.  Until Mom reminded me that everyone else in the hotel would probably have the same idea.

I registered for the Lake Minnetonka Half-Marathon.  Yes, that puts me in the certifiably crazy-category.

I ordered Marathon and Advanced Marathoning.

I bought a massage stick.

I started taking calcium supplements.

But there are only so many carrots that you can dangle before you start to run out.

Part of me wonders if doing most of these things, say, eight months ago would have made life a little bit simpler.

At the same time, I know that once you give up the Zen Running, you can’t ever get it back.

Hence, the Intense Bond to my Target digital watch that I continue to nurture.  Don’t even think about coming near me if you’ve got a Garmin on.  I just don’t want to know.

When I’m not running, I’ve been keeping up with the sweet “fat burning” power walking routine that I started when I was injured.  Originally, I had thought that I would drop it the moment I could get back to running full-time.  But I’ve discovered that it’s a nice compliment to the “rest day” yoga sculpt session that I do.

Who knew, right?

Do you like running or racing?

Obviously people do both, but after reading running blogs, etc. for the past year, I’m firmly convinced that there are two VERY separate camps.  Trying to figure out which one you fall into, however, is a totally different story.

Running Pack in The Sky, it’s time to talk!  What are your Turkey Day Race Plans?  We need to strategize.

Since Minnesota is a frigid place, I’ll be doing the 2nd Annual Treadmill in the Basement Turkey Trot.