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Savings in Aisle 9

Our Sunday Morning Bounty.

Marcus and I know that to many, our weekly grocery shopping routine seems excessively elaborate and time-consuming.

The first stop?  ALDI.  It’s followed by Trader Joe’s, since they’re only a half-mile a part.  To wrap our trip up, we stop by Cub, which is on the way home and only a quarter-mile away from our house.

After explaining our Sunday morning loop and watching jaws drop, we always try to justify it by explaining that everything really is “on the way” (ALDI is our farthest stop) and that it saves us money.

Which is all right and good, except for the part where we never bothered to figure out how much money we were actually saving.

In a rational world, that would have been the first order of business.

This morning, by the time we made it to Cub, we had a bit of extra time on our hands.  So Marcus and I pulled out our ALDI receipt and shopped the store again for the prices of the items we had purchased 15 minutes ago.

At first, it was “just for fun.”  You know, so that we could validate the fact that we were actually saving money.

As we continued weaving and winding through the store’s aisles, tracking down items and writing down the prices, we realized that our shopping habits were making a bigger difference than we had ever imagined.

For your own personal enjoyment, The Final Product.

The items listed below are what we bought today at ALDI.  Their cost at Cub (a run-of-the-mill MN grocery store chain) is in the left column and their cost at ALDI is in the right.  Our savings is in the far right column.

Our savings = $20.56

Absolutely unbelievable.

Saving $20 in one week isn’t The Accomplishment Of The Century.  Over the course of a year, that’s a vacation.  The better part of a month’s mortgage payment.  A treadmill.  Our electric bill for the year.  333 bottles of Charles Shaw.

In short, it’s a lot.

If you’re looking for more grocery store sagery, check out the guest post that Steph wrote while I was on my honeymoon about The Price Cheat Sheet.  It’s eye-opening stuff.

What tricks do you use at the grocery store to cut your bill down?