Daily Archives: 11.12.2011

Workshopping v2.0

It’s almost midnight, and I’m just about ready to pour myself into bed after a day full of time spent with girlfriends in varying combinations.  For the record, it was absolutely amazing.  I left each activity feeling so refreshed and recharged – I haven’t had a Saturday like this in SUCH a long time!

Our Orders of Business…

  1. Pie week ended with a major bang.  Go check out Megan’s Nutella Pecan Pie and Allison’s Mushroom and Red Wine PieWARNING: Both of these ladies get fancy.
  2. Seriously.  If you haven’t clicked through those links yet, you really need to get on that.
  3. Jillian and I actioned THE EXACT SAME Paula Deen recipe this afternoon without any prior discussion.  Yes, we did the jumping + screaming thing when we realized what had just taken place.  It was not entirely unlike that feeling you got in elementary school when you and your best friend both showed up wearing the same t-shirt.  Except for the fact that this time there was cream cheese frosting involved.
  4. Cream Cheese Frosting > Matching T-Shirts
  5. While I was trying on a pair of boots at Payless, a fellow shopper attempted to steal my Revas.  Which is to say, after doing a quick lap around the store, I returned back to the area where I had left the shoebox (and my lovely flats), my shoes were gone.  When I very pointedly asked the shoppers hanging around the area (a woman with her husband and child) what had happened to them, they played dumb.  For like three minutes.  Until they produced my shoes from the seat of their child’s stroller.  WHAT THE WHAT?

I know.  I KNOW.

THIS.  This is the world that we live in.

What recharges you?