Friday Food Round-Up!

Since Marcus was gone for the first part of the week, I only bothered to plan one “actual” meal for us this go-round.

Sometimes that plan actually works and sometimes it epically backfires.

This week we definitely got lucky.

Tuesday – Salad and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

While Marcus was gone, I still managed to feed myself.

I love having him home, because it’s more fun when we cook together.  But every once in a while, it’s really nice to just be able to eat what I like to call Single Girl Food.

What that translates to: Satisfying cravings, often at the expense of being able to sit down and eat one, cohesive meal.

I could never sell Marcus on this as a meal (or a snack!).  For me?  It was an absolutely delicious change of pace.

Crunchy, green, bleu cheese-y and BBQ sauce-laden…I don’t think I could have loved it more if I tried.

Wednesday – Braised Chicken Thighs with Indian Flavors over Brown Rice and Steamed Broccoli

Yet ANOTHER untouched recipe from my magic recipe binder.

I like to think that I’m starting to make some serious progress, but there are still TONS of dishes to try.

I found this particular recipe in The New York Times.  To their credit, I don’t think they’ve given me a dud-recipe yet.

Braising the potatoes gave the sauce an extra starchy-thickness that no amount of coconut milk could have provided.  I’m under the impression that this is a fairly well-known fact in the food world, but having never tried it myself, I was extra-impressed.

Our modifications: We used reduced-fat coconut milk.  We cut the amount of meat in half (there are only two of us, after all), and I decided after we pulled the chicken out that it would be best reintroduced to the sauce shredded.

I guessed right.

Shredding the meat allowed us to “stretch” the dish a little bit more than we would have been able to otherwise.  Shredded chicken = more volume = more leftovers.

And as per Marcus’ blessing, it’s being added into The Rotation.

Thursday – Pan-seared Filet with Roasted Asparagus

I threw this asparagus into the cart last weekend because it wasn’t horrifically expensive (~$2.50/bunch) and the stalks were thin.  I had no idea as to what I was going to do with them.

Enter: The Magic Frozen Meat Stash

In addition to the steak from ALDI, I grabbed a few different cuts from Rainbow a while back with a gift card we got as a shower gift.  Experience and instinct told me that asparagus and filet would be an inspired match.

I’m still a majorly nervous beef-cooker (I live in fear of over-cooking it!), but using How to Cook Everything as my guide and the “hand trick” as my barometer of doneness, I managed to get two steaks done to medium rare-perfection.


What groceries do you impulse-buy?


7 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. I love roasted sweet potatoes!

    Ha ha, I totally know what you mean about single girl food 🙂 When Dan is gone, I have cereal, pancakes, omelets, etc…

    Good for you on cooking steak – I am too scaredy pants to try it myself. Also, I am not good at purchasing red meat. I think I told you about the time I was supposed to pick up steaks for Christmas Eve dinner… 😉

  2. Apparently my husband impulse-buys Nutella and cinnamon spread and then expects me to resist their pull! I can practically hear them from the pantry…

  3. I impulse-bought some pre-seasoned frozen fish fillets from Trader Joes. My impulse buys are almost always meat because I buy whatever’s on sale.
    I’m super excited about Bittman’s latest and greatest article on what the hell to do with brown rice. IMO brown rice is flavorless, but I always eat it anyway because it’s good for you. I’m hoping he teaches me how to do it right. What do you do to your brown rice?

  4. This may come as a total shocker, but I impulse buy baking supplies. You just never know when 167 different kinds of sprinkles will come in handy.

  5. My impulse buys are always so random! The most recent have been pumpkin muffin mix, knotted garlic bread, and chia seeds.

  6. I impulse buy drinks – coconut milk (but it was mint chocolate – I neeeeeeeded it!), kombucha, etc. And loads of vegetables – like way more than I need to!

  7. That salad looks wonderful and sweet potatoes are always the perfect side!

    I’m the opposite of you-I cook all meat until it is basically rubber. I saw a special on e.coli when I was about four and it scarred me so now I actually like meat done this way.

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