Daily Archives: 11.10.2011


I know, I know.  Our schedule is all off.  On Wednesday morning I posted early, and when you’re usually an evening-blogger, that leaves a giant gap in time.

I promise, you didn’t miss much.

Yesterday, Marcus returned from a business trip to San Diego (hence the Basement Film Fest), so tonight we had a mini-date night.

But while he was on The Coast, he sent me this beautiful picture of the sunset from Coronado Island.

I wanted to share it ASAP, but that would have undermined the whole concept of not telling the Internet when I’m home alone.

As if the terrible movies weren’t a dead-giveaway.  What man willingly watches The First Wives Club?

I digress.

Anyway, while he and his co-workers frolicked on the shores of the Pacific Ocean at sunset, Marcus just kept on snapping away.

What a cooperative sky, right?

It’s snaps like these that have me convinced that my husband is harboring a secret photographer within.

Do you prefer to take pictures of things or of people?

When you take pictures, do you usually use the camera on your phone or an actual camera?

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