Daily Archives: 11.07.2011

Losing The Gain

I know I haven’t written a ton about my weight on The Blog for a long time.  And with good reason.  Besides The Great Post-Honeymoon Detox of 2011 and my lukewarm attempts at Intuitive Eating,  it hasn’t really been at the front of my mind.

But Kate talked about her marathon weight gain in the post, Why Count Calories? last weekend and that put a lot of the things I had been thinking about into words.

I’ve officially survived The Recovery Period.  Period.

Which means that it’s officially time to buckle down.  I briefly mentioned that I wanted to lose the marathon weight in The Manifesto that I published the day after I announced I wasn’t going to run the marathon.

You know, three weeks before I ended up running.


By the numbers: I’m 5 pounds above my “regular” weight and 10 pounds heavier than my lowest weight in the last year.

To make things more confusing, I know that during training I gained muscle and lost inches.

Bodies are so mysterious like that.

So I hope it makes sense that even though I want to change the situation, I’m not unhappy with my body.  Because in the last few months, my body has been to hell and back for me.  It has trained, recovered, raced, recovered and raced again.

Really, it’s a very simple proposition.  Fewer pounds = a faster time and less impact on my joints.

My next training cycle doesn’t start until mid-February, which means I have 14 really good weeks to focus on losing some pounds before I start training for Grandma’s.  I mean, besides speed training, that’s basically my job.

Do I have a food diary?  No.  I know that they work.  I’ve used them in their many incarnations (on the internet!  in a notebook!  on my iPod!) to great success.  But I also know that over the past two years I’ve become fairly practiced at keeping track of what I’m putting in my mouth.

It just so happens that there’s a major difference between the times where I’m paying attention/listening to my body and when I’m just Livin’ La Vida Loca.

So that’s the plan, really.  Eat Real Food in moderation.  Exercise daily.

No, this isn’t the part of the show where I announce weekly weigh-ins or weight loss tips.  Will I report back about how the next 14 weeks go?

Of course – in 14 weeks. 😉

How do you decide when The Creep has turned into full-on weight gain?

Have you ever gained weight training for a race?

Do you use a food journal to track what you eat?