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Surly Darkness and Our Own (mini) Brew Review

Today has been a blur.  Thanks to our bonus hour, when I rolled off of Michelle’s couch I felt like I had an endless day ahead.  By the time we made it to lunch, I felt like we had been strapped into a slingshot.

Isn’t that always how it goes?

Tonight’s big event was a beer tasting.  We can save the discussion of whether or not that was the smartest scheduling post-Bachelorette Party for another day.

Sometimes the most logical choice isn’t always the most realistic option.

You see, earlier last week Dad informed us that he had managed to source a bottle of Surly Darkness and invited us over to sample it.

For a bit of context, Darkness is a limited run craft-beer that people have been practically rabid about since it was released on October 22nd.  Bottles are hard to come by, and when you can find them, they can be a little bit pricey.

But what tasting is complete with just one beer?  All together now:  More is More.

In exchange, we brought along bottles of Summit’s Honeymoon Saison, Alaskan’s Amber Ale and New Glarus’ Chocolate Abbey (thank you, Galina!).  I will say that as much as I was initially put off by having a dedicated beer fridge, there is something to be said for having a bar’s worth of craft beers instantly available.

Marcus arranged them by height from light to dark so that we’d be able to enjoy the full flavor of each beer.  Even though we grabbed a fairly random selection of bottles, each of them turned out to be a little bit sweet and a little bit fruity.  Inadvertently thematic.

And, of course, the Main Event.  Marcus wanted me to capture the head on the beer, but I failed miserably.

Beer drinkers: If you’ve ever tasted New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk, I’d say that the two are on the same (delicious!) playing field.

Would I drink Darkness again?  Happily if the opportunity presented itself.  Being able to share good beer with people you care about is half the fun of sitting down for a drink together.  Would I go on a liquor store safari for it?  Unlikely.  I just don’t know that it inspires a Missoni for Target-level of madness in me.

Beer drinkers, what’s your favorite beer of all-time?

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