Daily Archives: 11.03.2011

Marvelous and Lovely

I know.  I KNOW.

There haven’t been nearly enough gratuitous shots of my lovely mug on The Blog lately.

Just remember – at least I took a snap of my post-party self.

And by the way, if you could ignore whatever freaky thing is going on with my big toe there, that would be great too.

In all seriousness, we went to a donor cocktail party tonight on Summit Avenue with Mom and Dad and then high-tailed it over to Bacio for dinner.

It was marvelous and lovely and relaxing and delicious.

Plus, as we all know, one of my favorite views in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD is the Cathedral at the top of the hill as you’re about to head down towards the Capital.

Being able to take that in at dusk?

It made my heart hurt.  Just a little bit.

How it is not even 9:30 yet is beyond me – on our drive home, Marcus and I were practically passing out on top of one another.  Maybe there’s a rip in the very fabric of time.  Maybe my body is trying to prepare me for Daylight Savings Time.  But I’m guessing that’s somewhat improbable since I’m not even entirely sure if we’re losing or gaining an hour right now.


So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go curl up in bed with a hot pack.

The nest Duty calls.

What’s your favorite view in the world?