Since I’ve been riding on the wings of  The Spirit of Productivity, I combined the Tids and Bits and Potpourri sections into one (much larger) section called Workshopping.  Is it possible that it will reincarnate itself again?  Absolutely.

But something just didn’t feel right.

So, we workshop.  Because today was a day of revelations.

  • Movember = Men grow moustaches for a month.
  • The new gmail is a real treat.  Between the embedded “Reply All” button and the initial setting on large print “comfortable” mode, I think that we’re going to witness some major e-mail fails in the next week.
  • I really need to make a decision about what I’m going to do with my hair.  I know that I want to maintain the length (it just doesn’t grow) but I really don’t know what to do with the color.  It’s lightened up a TON since I got it colored in May, so I can actually envision it being…somewhat natural.  Is that what I actually want to do?  Who knows, really.
  • The amount of scary coughing that is going around in my office is alarming on a good day.  I’m giving major thanks for the fact that I do not work in a shared-cubicle.  There’s something about 3.5 walls and a walkway that says, “I have boundaries.”
  • It’s officially Hand Turkey-time.  For all that Halloween involves gourds and corn, orange and black, pumpkins and witches, Thanksgiving is The Budget Friendly Holiday to decorate for.  To do list: Cut out turkeys, source crayons.  Expect a full report sooner than later.
  • Kim Kardashian.  I had to say it, but I just don’t care.  Actually, I take that back.  I do care.  Because I sincerely hope that 10 years from now, today’s high school students aren’t able to tell one another where they were when they got the news.  Horror.

How do you feel about the new gmail design?

Are you a Hand Turkey crafter?


9 responses to “Workshopping

  1. I am a turkey handcrafting aficionado!! Are you kidding? Pshh.

    Movember – thanks the Lawd Ben hasn’t caught onto this….I stop him at the 2 week beard.

    Kim K? —> The sanctity of marriage is alive and well (insert sarcasm here) …and (climbs onto soap box) we’re against two people of the same sex getting married because it will disrupt the sanctity of the institution? (steps off soapbox) sorry to go political, hope that didn’t offend anyone.

    *Hugs dog* – Calls him Ralph. Thanks for the RT.
    (Quite possibly the most non-sensical comment I’ve ever left on a blog, try to keep up)

  2. Movember, when done properly, is a fundraiser for prostate cancer research. Otherwise, it’s lame. Several of my friends participate. I figure, if they’re willing to look like doofuses for a whole month, I should contribute to charity in their honor.

  3. Are you in my head? I think you are. I have a lot of thoughts/feelings/items to discuss. I haven’t seen the new “reply all” button. Sickness is going around my workplace like CRAZY. I’m also itching to get my hair done AND my nails. Get them “did”. I feel like such a slacker – I haven’t had a cut or color in MONTHS. Long, long, time. And I also don’t really give a rat’s behind about Kim….. Kim, who?

  4. Seriously, what is up with Google? The new Reader and new Gmail designs are just sad. And confusing. It looks like they designed it 3/4 of the way and then drop it and went off to a Google+ hangout to drown in their misery.

  5. Love your comment on high schoolers not being able to remember where they were. Hopefully ten WEEKS from now that will be true, too.

    And I hope you post photos of those hand-colored turkeys. They sound amazing.

  6. I don’t understand. My gmail looks exactly the same. Doesn’t sound like I am missing much…

    On another note, I couldn’t sleep this morning so I got out of bed extra early and attended to my mitts and paws. Thought of you. I may be drowsy, but at least my nails look great.

  7. Have I just not noticed the Gmail change? Or it might be that I haven’t actually checked my email on the computer for awhile.
    Ah, Movember. I know many a fella who have gotten excited about said holiday. Unfortunately, many of them after a few days do not have a majestic beard, but instead are rocking the pedo ‘stache. A lot of girls like to take on the challenge too, by not shaving their legs or pits. Personally, I like that smooth feeling so no thank you.
    As for Kim K? Can she just go away? No one likes her, and no one cares. I hate myself a little just for mentioning her, she’s that annoying.

  8. Ack gmail! I’m usually the person who doesn’t understand why everyone complains about new Facebook features. Change is good! However, the new G-mail look bugs my eyes, and will cause major reply all snafus. I don’t look forward to it.

  9. I don’t get the Kardashian-Minutae infatuation in much the same way I didn’t get the whole Paris Hilton infatuation. That is when I realized that I am old.

    I hate the new gmail/reader. There. I said it. Being a former techie, I’m a big fan of change for the better. But change for the why not? drives me insane.

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