Daily Archives: 10.31.2011

The Reward is Rest

This time I’m serious, kittens.

No more surprise races.

I’m resting.  Getting my horses in a row.  Focusing on really vain stuff like my mitts and paws, even though I’m starting to notice a black toenail developing on my right foot.

Not good.

What does it even mean?  You don’t want to know.

Black toenails aside, I don’t want to spend the next month hot packing and Icy Hot-ing every joint on the lower-half of my body.

To spur the recovery process along, Sue dropped off a batch of Candy Corn Cookies while I took my post-race nap on Saturday.

I woke up craving an Oreo (yes, they’re back in the house again) and was pleasantly surprised by these.

Frosting fiend that I am, I was very much thrilled that instead of food coloring the cookie dough, she colored the glaze that went on the cookies.


My plans for the rest of the week?  Power walking.  Yoga.  Light Jogging.

Maybe some kissy face peace signs.  Glamour shots.

Truth: I think we can all agree that the blog has been extremely light on those since…forever.


Tonight I attempted to remedy that situation.

It just felt restful right.  You know, since it’s Monday.  Since I inadvertently found myself in an orange and black arrangement on Halloween.  Since I’ve been obsessed with that swag jacket since I got it at packet pick-up on Friday night.

Also, can we discuss the fact that I am not intensely practiced in mirror self-portraiture?

It’s always something.  My eyes are shut.  The photo is blurry.  The light is off.

Running Pack in the Sky – What do you do to make sure that you rest properly?  What’s the next race on your schedule?

p.s. I heard so many post-race reports of your solidarity movement.  I thought of you all and what you might be up to after we ran past the 10 mile finish line (there was a 10 mile and a half-marathon on the same course).  I love it!