When I said yes to the Monster Dash Half-Marathon yesterday, I knew that I could finish 13.1 miles.  That was the whole point of it, really.  To run for running’s sake.


But I also knew that there was a very specific way that I wanted my race to end, and that accomplishing that would be anything but easy.

So I took a bet on a day where I had nothing to lose.

Does that mean I knew what I was doing?  Absolutely not.  Sometimes there’s a plan and other times there’s not.  This would be a prime example of a time where there was no plan whatsoever.

Unless Haul Ass + Hang On Tight constitutes a plan.

Which it very well might.

Unlike the marathon, I didn’t lose ANY miles.  I felt no sense of ecstasy.  I was acutely conscious of every single step and every single minute that passed.

Saturday was the kind of morning where running took a long time.

I saw Mom at Mile 3.5.  Marcus was standing around Mile 6 and I saw Katie around Mile 8.

At Mile 9, I had a bit of a revelation when our pacer’s partner hollered out that if we were having trouble, we needed to hoof it by him so he could talk us through it.  I realized that I was past the point of saying You Can Do This and needed to start believing You Are Doing This.

I reminded myself that two years ago at this time, I could not run a 5k.

I chanted the gospel of Steve Prefontaine in my head:

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

I ran for the girl who never thought that she would be doing This.

My finish time?  1:58:55.

I may or may not have shrieked crossing the finish line.  I like to think that it sounded like a hawk swooping down on its prey.  In reality, it probably sounded like the exhausted heave of someone who ran 13.1 miles in the freezing cold.

I tore three minutes off of my PR.  I pushed my time into the sub-two hour category.  I reminded myself that not only can I survive races and not only can I finish races, I can Do Better.

After, obviously

I know, I know.  The sunglasses I run with are just so damn sweet.  I keep on telling myself that I should really find a more flattering pair, but something about that just doesn’t feel right.

And yes, in addition to running with last night’s make-up when I race, I also take-care to action a side-part arrangement with my ponytail.  I like to think it’s really the only vanity I can embrace.

p.s. I didn’t have to go to the bathroom during the race 🙂

What was the high point of your weekend?

10 responses to “Recapping.

  1. Very very proud u did it in under 2 hrs!

  2. Sub 2!?! That’s GREAT! Way to go! Highlight of my weekend was this slow cooker chicken tikka masala I made. Seriously, it was that good.

  3. #LOVE #LOVE #LOVE this. Bookmarking for future viewing. SO proud of you. #LOVE

  4. Very impressive my dear. Way to rise to the challenge! What other crazy schemes do you have planned for the balance of the year???

  5. DAMN girl, you are a freakin’ beast! I mean that in the best way possible. Nice job pr’ing too. No costume? Probably for the best, you don’t want an annoying costume for a race that’s 13.1 miles long, because you’d feel it at mile 1… then realize you have that much farther to go with it.

  6. Way to go! That’s awesome and I’m so impressed with that you were able to motivate yourself on the run, you did amazing!

  7. Way to go (again) rockstar! I’m loving the motivation here and the sunglasses. Classy.

  8. YES!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! Sub 2 hours is amazing. Considering that you achieved an epic PR as well as a MARATHON in the past few weeks, I’d say that October was a splendid month for you!

  9. Holy cow–you ran a half SUB 2!! Way to own it! So proud of you. Not only did I run with you, so did Bacon Slayer!! Definite highlight of the weekend. Although annoyed that he not only kept up with me on a 3 mile run right out of the gate, but also seemed nonplussed by it all. Whatev. 😉

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