Completely Random, Totally Unplanned

I didn’t take pictures of anything today.  So if you’d like to imagine me with more voluminous hair, that quilted Chanel bag I’ve always wanted, and an outfit straight out of the Anthropologie catalog, that would be just superb 😉

Today was a day of completely random, totally unplanned-adventuring.

Marcus and I ended up stopping by the Sonora Grill at the Midtown Global Market for lunch.  I’ve been meaning to try their Eggplant Bocadillo with Eggplant Fries for AGES now and once I saw them in MplsSt.Paul magazine, I knew we had to go before it totally jumped the shark.

I don’t mind eggplant but I don’t usually order it when I’m out…anywhere.  So to order it on a sandwich and as fries?  Utter madness.

As I tore in, we definitely had one of those Where Have You Been All My Life?-type moments.

Since we had to take Lake St. to get back to the freeway (there was some seriously bizarre stuff going on with traffic in the cities today), Marcus suggested an impromptu walk around Lake Calhoun.  Considering that today was one of those extremely rare late fall days, where people were lunching outside in tank tops, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

There was a serious absence of crunchy leaves to step on, but every time I looked at the lake, there was another pair of loons diving and paddling about.  Try to figure that one out.

Earlier in the day, Erica texted me to inform me that we were doing a ladies’ dinner at Barrio.  A night with sangria, small plates and corn chowder sent directly from heaven?  I’m always in.

So after a bit of casual napping, I threw on a wrap, a fresh coat of mascara and headed out.  It was so lovely (and relaxing) to wrap-up the day by catching up with some of my favorite ladies!

Where is your favorite place to visit for ladies’ night?

I just love going down to the 50th & France area.  There are so many cute shops and interesting places to eat!


7 responses to “Completely Random, Totally Unplanned

  1. What a fun day! I’m trying to imagine eggplant fries, and the result is pretty tempting. I’ll have to look for them the next time I’m out. (And I’m not really an eggplant person, either.)

  2. I like to have ladies’ night at my place actually…it’s so much fun to just hang out and not have to feel rushed in a restaurant. At least here in LA…they want you in and out so they can make a profit you know? Ridiculous.

    Which outfit from Anthro? I am in love with a particular picture from their latest catalog involving J Brand jeans and a yellow jacket. Love. It.

  3. Ladies night in is our usual go to, but otherwise somewhere with small plates and good drinks it best for me…

    by the way, now that you mentioned black & white cookies in your comment to me- I’m on a mission to make some in the very near future.

  4. Isn’t it just the greatest when days fall together like that?! Eggplant french fries sound like they’d be right up alley, I must try to find a recipe to approximate this deliciousness!

  5. Sounds like a very fun day. I don’t have a favorite ladie’s night place to go, but whenever I’m back home, someone is visiting from back home, or I’m home and someone out of town is with me, the dinner destination usually is this popular pizza restaurant there.

  6. Ok, crazy, we were at Midtown Global Market at the SAME TIME! The roommate and I took Wee Burb swimming at the Midtown YMCA and then we hit the Salty Tart for some post-dinner goodies. LOVE!

    I am a fan of Mozza Mia and every girls’ night possible I try to steer us there or Arezzo. Mainly if it involves cheese and wine…although suburbia wise I also quite love a cheap night at Santorini.

  7. I don’t care much where GNO is, so long as my favorite ladies are present and someone is bringing us either craft brews, or martinis–depending on the night.

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