Recovery – It’s A Part Of The Plan

Recovery: Week Two = Finito

The theme:  Just Because You Don’t Feel Like You’ve Been Run Over By A Semi Doesn’t Mean You’re Anywhere Near 100%.


After a few days of running, I was hurting again, but in New and Exciting places.

So I decided to give it a rest (since that’s what you’re supposed to do)  and I spent a couple of days on the exercise bike.  Which means that I also spent a couple of days wincing when I sat down, in the name of Cross Training.

How nice.

Remember how I never, ever ride the exercise bike?  Me too.  So next time, if someone wants to be That Person who throws themselves in front of the train so that I can take a seat comfortably, I will be forever indebted to you.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that this week, the doubt began to creep in.

Because I am the queen of irrational moments, I decided that there was no way I could possibly be able to log another 36 mile week again.  Much less run 10 miles (my favorite distance) or whip my body into shape for the first annual, Kat Eats Two Thanksgiving Dinners In Three Hours Treadmill Half-Marathon also known as the KETTDITHT-Half.

For interested parties, there will be details to come at the beginning of November.

Feel free to laugh at the ridiculousness of everything that just happened there.  That’s just how the mind of a runner works.  It’s all or nothing.  Period.

But I stepped back, cracked open my planner (where my recovery instructions are highlighted in green) and reminded myself that last week I was supposed to do up to 25% of my pre-marathon mileage.  And this week was about doing from 25% – 50% of my pre marathon mileage.

So  11.5 miles?


It was appropriate.

It was normal.

It was A Part Of The Plan.

This week?  There is more work to be done.  More miles to be covered.  More yoga to be practiced.  More flapping Pilates to take part in.

Running Pack in The Sky: Would you participate in a treadmill race (at the distance of your choice) on Thanksgiving morning?

Bikers: Is there a way to get around the sore booty thing without buying the expensive fancy shorts?

Uno: I don’t know that I’ll bike that much once I’m back to fighting-form.  Dos: I think Marcus will kill me if I buy more gear right now, considering the fact that I have a bag of running tights just sitting in my closet right now, waiting to get in on the action.


11 responses to “Recovery – It’s A Part Of The Plan

  1. Okay – YES to the Thanksgiving run-a-thon. Love the idea. And I told Jay, your post made me laugh out loud tonight. I have no idea what you are talking about, but I love it. (Can I say that?) I’m a huge lover of the bike shorts, but I do attend spin 1x/week. Which, in my mind, justifies a big, fat pair of padded shorts. #Love

  2. Yes to Thanksgiving day treadmill running. Yes to sore booties: go to Target and get one of the slip on gel seat covers. My friend brings one to her spin classes. Geeky? Yes. But it’s worth it.

  3. Padded shorts sure do work, but your, er, goods will adapt over time without special gear if you’re stationary biking regularly. I don’t wear my padded shorts unless I’m riding for an hour (which, I haven’t been lately), and I’m usually sore for the first few days when I get back into biking but it tapers off. But then, I’m not a serious cyclist either, so I’m just saying what’s worked for me.

  4. I love the Thanksgiving run idea…as long as there’s still time for me to color the Turkey in the Start Tribune, preferably with a box of Crayola Crayons.

  5. Your rear end will definitely get used to the bike seat. The first time I cycled, I swore I would never get used to the seat. But, after five years, I can say with certainty, you will get used to it 🙂 If you decide you love it, I would invest in cycle shoes over the padded shorts.

  6. Honey, those expensive fancy shorts aren’t gonna save you much pain. My booty still yelps, even with the expensive fancy shorts…and including the newer “gel pad” version. On my last bike ride, I fantasized about how I was going to make a fortune by inventing a bike short with uber thick butt padding made especially for women and sell them to Title 9 or something. In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming… I think you just have to develop those muscles with or without the padded shorts.

  7. You can do it, girl!

  8. I’ll second Andrea that the padded shorts really don’t do much for you – it’s really about getting your butt conditioned to the bike. 🙂
    I’m a total amateur runner but I’d be interested in a Thankgiving run – seems like a good way to earn that dinner!

  9. I think running on Thanksgiving morning is a fabulous idea! I was looking for a 5K in our destination city, but since there isn’t one I’ll just have to invent my own route…

  10. A half marathon? I could do. On a treadmill? HELL NO. I have no idea how anyone can run more than five miles on a treadmill, let alone a half.
    Last year on Thanksgiving, I ran 5 miles in the morning because it was part of my training plan, and it worked out fine.

  11. I would *love* a RPITS Thanksgiving run. Huh. That’s kind of an unfortunate acronym. But I digress…yes to the run, but sadly we will be travelling, so I’ll have to take my chances outside. My MIL’s treadmill is so old school that it has the wooden dowel rollers under the belt. Fer real.

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