Daily Archives: 10.16.2011

It’s a Series

Lindsey: We did a terrible job of documenting this trip.


Even though this wasn’t the busiest trip in-terms of official sights seen (it was more of a clean-up extravaganza), I would definitely say it rivaled our New York trip last fall in-terms of miles moved.

Which is to say, we still saw a lot of stuff.

I was ready to go crazy with the camera.  I made it a point to have it in-hand rather than tucked away in my bag.

When the time came to point and shoot, I was like…?  Can’t we just live our lives?

I mean if the choice is between enjoying a glass of wine and the crazy, rave-quality sound system in the courtyard of the Hirshhorn during the Warhol gallery opening OR taking pictures of a lit fountain at night…

Well, the glass of wine will always win.

I will admit that I was 11/10 fascinated by the bases of the flag poles in the capital.  So I snapped away at those things like a woman possessed.

It’s a series.

As far as museums go?  I’m the kind of person who follows directions and refrains from using photographic devices while in the exhibits.

Some things are best experienced in person.

I just can’t imagine that  year from now, I’ll have an emotional connection to a grainy photograph of a Stradivarius violin.  And if I’m still drooling over Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, that probably means it’s time for me to source a pair of my own.

When you go on vacation, what’s your strategy for photo-documenting?