Live and Let Live

Confession: I very nearly ate an entire bowl of bolognese sauce at dinner tonight.  In case you think I’m given to exaggeration, please believe me when I say I Am Not Kidding.

Lindsey and I performed the equivalent of flash mob yoga on the banks of the Potomac, which is to say that we practiced flash yoga.

Pro: We did not end up with water stains on the crotches of our pants.

Con: Weird dudes stared at our booties.

I extended my fro yo feast streak to three days.

And I found the most bitchin’ halloween costume of all time.

Most important question: Am I going as a cougar (woman) or cougar (cat)?

Vacation is good.


6 responses to “Live and Let Live

  1. Wait, straight sauce? I have no room to judge, one time I ate gravy by the spoonful.

  2. Assume pics will be posted of the Halloween costume, once appropriately accessorized. Hope that fro-yo streak continues 🙂

  3. Three cheers for flash yoga.

    I vote cougar woman. I think it will suite you well.

  4. Sounds like you’re having a great time. And nice on finding a Halloween costume!

  5. Flash Yoga? That’s new…and sounds epically adventurous! Don’t forget your Georgetown Cupcake! I EXPECT a twitpic to be sent my way…

  6. Flash yoga sounds…flashy! 🙂

    I agree with Megan…please have a Georgetown Cupcake for me. Or two.

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