A Bit of Holiday Baking

Today, post-services (we’re nearing the end of Yom Kippur as I type), I actioned some baking for the break-fast, including a batch of Megan’s Lemon Thyme Biscotti.

We can debate the merits of baking when you can’t taste/eat/sample ANY of it, but for now, just feast your eyes.

She was not kidding when she said the scent would permeate every area of your house.

The scent permeated…every area of our house.

Marcus: That smells really good.  What kind of bread are you baking?

He just keeps the slices of humble pie coming ’round these parts.

And baking was the perfect opportunity to use the apron I won from Julia’s giveaway.

Yes, I'm stretching out my running tights while I bake. This is the way I live.

Gorgeous, right?

She bought them for a girls’ weekend and had an extra to share with her readers.  I find comfort in the fact that I now have four polka-dotted sisters in baking dotted across the country.

I have to run – we’re about to head out to break the fast!

What’s one dessert recipe you’ve been dying to try for a while?

Are you an apron-user?

I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t until I moved into my apartment a couple of years ago.  When I realized that it would spare my shirts from savage grease spatters, I got on-board really quick.  The only rule?  They have to be cute!


10 responses to “A Bit of Holiday Baking

  1. I love that apron! I actually collect aprons. I have at least 30, mostly purchased at thrift stores or the like. They’re cute and definitely a necessity- I am the messiest cook. I also spill when I’m eating, so I usually keep it on when I’m feasting 🙂

  2. My mom made me and Maya matching aprons (almost as cute as yours) and we wear them everytime we step foot near the stove. Trust me, with Maya and I as messy as we are, they are SO needed.

  3. Health Freak College Girl

    hahaha i love the apron + running tights combo haha. i have so many things that i have wanted to bake lately. it sucks not having a kitchen! and a dorm room just won’t cut it 😉

  4. I am totally an apron-er. There are never enough 🙂

    PS – I hope that the biscotti live up to the hype haha

  5. Cutest apron ever!

  6. I love the way baking makes your house smell yummy. Cute apron!

  7. I have a couple of aprons (one was a gift, the other is cute). I really should wear them more often, but usually I’m halfway into a recipe before I even think about putting one on.

  8. I adore the aprons! I don’t wear mine enough, really. They just look so cute but when I bust out with the cooking, I just get into the zone.

  9. When the scents of baking float around the house, it just makes baking that much more lovely.
    That’s a cute apron. I’ve been wanting an apron for awhile, simply because I would wear decent clothes to cook in, and get stuff on them. Not good. Actually, for my birthday this year, I asked my mom for a bread knife and an apron. She proceeded to call me an old person.

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