Daily Archives: 10.01.2011

Running As One

The situation around these parts is very Night Before Christmas.




As I was doing our grocery shopping this morning, I had a great idea re: Our Great Running Pack In The Sky.

Tomorrow?  Let’s run together.

I’ll be on the course from ~8:00 AM CST to ~12:30 PM CST.  If you feel so moved during that time to do a solidarity run/jog (or yoga-bike-elliptical-walk for those members of the group who cannot), put your shoes on and go for it.  I don’t care if you do one mile or ten.  I’m just tickled by the thought that while we can’t run with one another, we can Run As One.

If you’re in, leave a comment on this post with the time you’re planning on starting.  It will give me something to think about while I’m at Mile God Only Knows on the course.

Not able to participate because you’ll be spectating/volunteering/live in a weird time zone?  I’m pretty sure that you can “bank” it and do it any time today or tomorrow.  🙂

So, are you in?