Daily Archives: 09.30.2011

A Banner Day

Bloggers, do you ever have those moments where you mean to take lots of snaps of an activity and then it simply doesn’t happen?

Me too.

Behold, my one and only piece of evidence (besides the giant sack of stuff I toted off) that I attended the Twin Cities Marathon Expo today.

Right?  Right.  Evidence.

What you missed: Me rolling around in a black and white long-sleeved shift dress with flip-flops.  After the blisters came out to play on Wednesday night, I made the executive decision to abandon heels (and any semblance of civility) for the High Holidays in The Spirit of Healing and Common Sense.

So far, so good.

Separately, today was a banner day as far as the mail is concerned.

In the stack: A new Driver’s License (!), the photos I ordered off of Shutterfly and a parcel from Miss Kate.

When she found out that my leg was rebelling against the rest of my body, she asked me if she could send me a little care package.  Nicest thing ever, right?

In the mix: Homemade Candy Corn (yes, seriously), Orange Chocolate, and packets of Almond + Pecan Butter.  Girl knows me TOO well!

Food for healing may have just turned into food for post-race snarfing.  OR it could become a wonderful component of R&R week.  😉

I have to run because we’re off to celebrate Oktoberfest tonight!

If you were to open up your ideal care package, what would be inside?

Are you celebrating anything this weekend?