Daily Archives: 09.29.2011

A Bit of Clarification

Marcus informed me that yesterday’s post was exceedingly cryptic.

So if you finished reading and found yourself more mystified than In The Know or trapped on some sort of Emotional Roller Coaster, I apologize.

This also marks the last time that the man gets to give me post feedback, since as I was typing the first draft he informed me that he thought I should share a little bit less and give the situation a day.

Men can be so tricky sometimes.

What I do know:

  • I’m picking up my race packet tomorrow after services.
  • I’m going to be bringing Marcus into the expo with me so that we can load up on mini LARA bars.  Shameless is my middle name.
  • I’m showing up at the starting line on Sunday morning.
  • I’m now tapering my un-taper.  Which is to say I’m not running again until 8:00 AM on Sunday morning.

What I do not know:

  • What pace I’m running.  Originally my goal was 4:00:00.  That seems a little bit insane now, since up until yesterday I had done no running.  So I’m thinking that the 4:15 pace group could be a good choice.
  • Whether I’m going to run straight through or if I’m going to run for four minutes and walk for one.
  • What the course is going to be like.  I’ve read the map and looked at the elevation charts.  That is all.  Here’s to hoping that ignorance is bliss.

And because you know you want to know how all of this ends before I can get to a computer to post/tweet (let me assure you that in the evening it ends with a German Beer Dinner so no matter what it cannot be all bad), track me!

How to do it?

Click here.  They’ll ask you for your cell phone carrier and your phone number.  When it comes to last names, search “Werb.”

I’m the only one, so you won’t need to do any sifting after that.  They’ll send you ~4 updates while I’m on the course with my times.  You can see if I’m following any sort of pace, whether or not I hit the wall and when I cross the finish line.

What do you do when you get blisters?

I may or may not have a large one on my left foot (you know, since those callouses disappeared like whoa) and it needs to heal pronto.  Any and all advice is welcome even if you think it might come off as “wacky.”