Daily Archives: 09.28.2011

All sorts of confusing.

Kittens, shit is about to get confusing.  So consider this your warning.  Because if you finish this post and you’ve raised your eyebrows to the point where they’ve met your hairline, then you have an idea of how I’m feeling.

Except times that by 10.

Roll with me.

I thought I was going to share snaps of my dinner outfit with you tonight.  Except it wasn’t that exciting and if you have seen me in one tunic and leggings arrangement, then you have probably seen me in all of them.

So just use your imagination.  And look at it this way…When I decide to pull an outfit repeat, it will be the first time that y’all get to see it.


What could possibly be more fascinating?

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to lose the glycogen stores that I spent all summer accumulating to great success.

I have no callouses left.

I have one giant blister on the edge of the ball of my left foot.

And as of today, one pain-free six-mile run under my belt.

Sunday is coming and my weekend just got turned all sorts of upside-down.  Pray for strong legs, a safe run and the ability to listen to my body if it says no.