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The (Tuesday) Friday Food Round-Up

Subtitle: Tribute to Jenna-week

I was going to save this post for Friday, but then I realized that I fully plan to dedicate the remainder of the week to outfit snaps and odes to challah.  That is after all, the spirit of Rosh Hashanah, is it not?

Since the high holidays begin this week, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make a few meals that would be vastly different from the traditional dishes we will be having on Wednesday and Thursday night.  Beyond the typical pursuit of leftovers, I was hoping for an end result that would give us the chance to freeze a few extra portions for weekend lunches.  Or evenings where we’re both running around.

The first step to averting Hunger Terrorism is Being Prepared.

Thus far, I’m completely comfortable claiming victory in that arena.

Sunday – Jenna’s Creamy White Chicken Chili

Once upon a time, Marcus claimed he would never eat my chili.  Which was true until I forced it on him at which point he started singing a different tune.  I’m now 100% positive that “chili” has comfortably claimed a spot in the list of Top 5 Meals That I Make.

For all of the happiness that eating this meal brought me, I was made double-y-happy because this is the first time that I’ve gotten to cook with my Le Creuset since before the wedding and OHMIGOD using enameled dutch ovens is comforting.

Comfort and favoritism aside, if you’re a beginning cook, this is a great recipe to try out because there aren’t any exotic ingredients.  And from a technical perspective, after you get the meat cooking, all you need to do is dump, stir and let it sit.

Monday – Jenna’s Channa Masala

What doesn’t photograph well?

Mango Chutney.  Obviously.  But I just had to sneak it in there.

And believe you me, no one was more astonished than this lady when Marcus INHALED it, raisins and all.

There were so many things re: that situation that confused me  that there simply isn’t the space to list them all here.  So just use your imagination.

What I know: I’ve created a monster.

Just like the chili, this one sits comfortably in Marcus’ Top 5.

Maybe I was pandering this week?  Maybe.

But if you tell him that you’re making Channa Masala, he will want to establish that you’re making “the beans with the red.”

Oh, how he keeps me humble.

Tuesday – Baked potatoes topped with soft fried eggs and pico de gallo

What wasn’t listed in that title?


Right.  We’ll call it the 12th man.  The fifth quarter.  The angel in the outfield.

Tonight was meant to be a pantry-clearing dish, which can be evidenced by the pico de gallo that ended up on our plates.

Because that’s just what happens when you’re down to your last red onion, have an extra jalapeno and a bunch of cilantro sitting on the bench and a handful of tomatoes that have no hope of being eaten.  Strangely enough, it may have been our best batch yet.

I feel like it goes without explaining that we added the eggs in for some cheap, easy protein and flavor.  As I was scrolling through the last month worth of meals, I was positively horrified to discover that we haven’t embraced soft-fried eggs at dinner since the week of September 2nd.

How dark our lives have been.

Do you cook differently in the week leading up to a holiday?

What are your favorite meals to freeze?

Are you a Cholula person?

This is probably the most important question of all.