Week Two of Six

Confession: I thought the transition from running to…not running would be more shocking than it has been.  Mind you, this is only week two of six and I’m still trying to figure out what a life without running (for now) even looks like.

In the spirit of my 25 by 25, I decided that I would take a whack at trying to get on-board with #2 Take-Up Pilates.

You know, since I should be enjoying this stress-free, no-pressure time of fitness.  I thought that if I committed to trying it out for a week, then I would have a better idea of how it “fits” into my life.

Verdict so far?  I have absolutely no idea of whether or not this is going to do anything for my arms.  There seems to be a lot of…flapping involved and instead of feeling sweaty, mostly I feel confused.

But I have become re-acquainted with my hip flexors and have learned a couple of good breathing techniques.  If nothing else, I’m 100% positive that it will help with my yoga technique.  I’ll have to give y’all the full report next Monday.

For a full report in the here and now, say what you will about power walking, but I’ve found that the upside to this arrangement is that I’ve been able to enjoy Really Excellent Post-Workout Hair.

Vanity comes first.

I’ve also been trying to re-embrace Intuitive Eating.  Now that I’m out of training, I don’t need to worry about eating enough, I just need to make sure that I’m eating well.

During the week that’s a pretty simple proposition.  Between work, working out and cooking dinner, I have a routine.  I have time to listen to my body.  I have meals planned out.

There are MANY mugs of tea.

But on the weekend?  All bets are off.  There are friends.  Scavenging for leftovers.  Happy Hours.  Glasses of wine.  And bread.

Did I mention the bread?

Because bread seems to be a most definite side-effect of my weekend adventures.

Even though I wouldn’t have it any other way, there’s definitely room for improvement.  Giving myself the opportunity to make healthy decisions is key.  For now we’ll just have to put another tally in the Will Report Back-column.

Are you a bread person?  A potato person?

I used to think that I was a potato person, but we make them so often for dinner these days that they no longer hold their spell over me.  It’s rare that a dinner roll makes an appearance at our table.


11 responses to “Week Two of Six

  1. I love bread AND potatoes. Starches are like my kryptonite. They are also why intuitive eating doesn’t work that well for me, since I would choose fresh baguettes, mashed potatoes, and chocolate at every meal if I were eating based on how I feel about it. I work better within a framework that makes vegetables mandatory.

  2. I’m crazy about both bread and potatoes. As far as I’m concerned, both are inherently healthy foods, as long as you don’t add a lot of highly caloric toppings (Nutella, I’m looking at you!). My dietary philosophy is everything in moderation (except for my chocolate addiction – could be worse, right?).

  3. OMG homegirl you are reading my mind. We’ve got this mind-meld thing going on…weird.

    I’m doing the big Weight Watchers, and during the week I do alright, staying within my Points values, or at least hitting the gym hardcore when I go even one point over…but the weekend – all bets are off, such as you say.

    Bread is my downfall. And cheese. And chocolate. It’s slightly ridiculous to say the very least and completely absurd and manic.

    And Pilates? That’s why I can’t do it – incessant flapping and “confuzzlement”. At least with running, ellipticals and bicycles, you know you’re actually “getting a REAL workout in”. I can’t get behind the lowimpact stuff just yet. Which is probably why my back has never healed. I’ll use you as my guide to this high-to-low impact transition. Maybe it’ll help us both!!
    *pray for me*

  4. I love pilates but the intensity of the workout really depends a lot on the teacher (or video). There’s really a lot of variability in the Intense Workout factor on that one…Definitely not an arm thing though. More of an ab thing.

    I love BREAD! and BUTTER!

  5. I love bread and potatoes at the same meal, along with lots of butter and ketchup. Does that sound gross? It’s not! It’s just very indulgent and delicious. I highly recommend it!

  6. Hmmm…I think both bread and potatoes are awesome! That said, I really prefer whole wheat bread varieties. Something about white bread does not agree with me. And I really love red skinned potatoes and sweet potatoes. I tried to make sweet potato fries, but they did not turn out so hot…

  7. Sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy, despite the ickyness of the situation.
    I used to love potatoes… at least I think I did. Now I hardly ever have them. I love bread, mostly baking it.

  8. I’m a bread person, but more than that, I am a wine person. I love me some wine on the weekends.

    Pilates is FANTASTIC for your abs and core! I never got any arm benefits, really, though if you do enough planks…

  9. ooh totally a bread and potato person! Although I am very very choosy about the kind of breads like!

    I agree with the comment above, pilates may look silly and well confusing initially but it is wonderful for the abs!

  10. I’m totally a bread person, but I’m trying to reduce my dependence on carbs. I’m really trying to watch it, but the weekends are so hard. This weekend there will be three gatherings that will involve bread, so I’ll just avoid it all other meals those days…

  11. Bread has a nearly hypnotic hold on me. I’m not complaining. Cheers to intuitive eating M-F. The weekends were made for non-deprivation.

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