Daily Archives: 09.20.2011

Letting Fall In

The Spirit of Productivity has been calling to me.  Last week I was tasked with watching Spot while Mom and Dad were out-of-town, so house projects fell by the wayside.

The evidence.

MAJOR varmint.

Just in case you’re thinking to yourself, Wow, that cat is totally larger than a normal house cat.  Let me put you at ease.  Because I’m not using the zoom feature on my camera here.

Spot is the size of a small male Bobcat.  So when we say that he’s big-boned, it’s not because we’re trying to preserve his body image, it’s because HE JUST IS.

Cats aside, this week I got back on the wagon.

Since I wrapped up our final basil harvest a couple of weeks ago, the situation on our deck has been tragic.  Logically, I should have pulled out the plants when I stripped them, but for some reason that part of the process eluded me.  So for the past two weeks, the spindly, leafless, brown plant stalks have been haunting the deck like dark spectres of their former selves.

Between those and the dead snapdragons in front of the house, we were living in a world of hurt.

A la The Fall Five, I couldn’t help but noticing that at Cub they were hawking mums at 3 for $10.  I grabbed two for our front step.  Apparently they’re purple.  Since they haven’t bloomed yet, I’ll believe it when I see it.

But if you give a mouse a cookie, then he will need a glass of milk.  It should come as no surprise that now I need to source some gourds and some corn.  Or possibly a wreath of fall leaves.  Naturally I’ll post some snaps once the remainder of the decor comes in and/or the mums begin to bloom.

More superficially, my first Missoni cardigan arrived yesterday.  I think it was kismet, because I’ve been in some serious need of coziness.

I find that I’ve been accidentally wearing quite a bit of blue lately, thanks to flash sales where I only have seconds to make a decision.  I think it works for me?

I think it’s just 11/10.  Do you love it?

Me too.

So let’s all pray that remainder of my order does make it out of that Warehouse In The Sky by the now predicted mid-October  and into my closet.  While I no longer feel the urge to sleep with one eye open, I’ll probably sleep with one eye half-open.

Constant Vigilance is key.

What do you do to decorate for fall?

Are you a warm color palette person or a cool color palette person?