Queen Bee Swain’s Fall Five

Tonight is one of those nights where words are eluding me, kittens.  This has simultaneously been the fastest and the longest week in the history of my life.  The final remnants of The Mystery Crap that took me out last week have finally faded away.  But considering the fact that I overslept my alarm by AN HOUR AND A HALF this morning, it’s safe to say that I’m still more than just a little bit exhausted.

I was going to discuss my 25 by 25, but when Miss Peachy Keen tagged me in Queen Bee Swain’s Fall Five I was on board right away.  I feel like since the beginning of September has passed us by, it’s time for us to really commit to the season.

Kind of like one of those You Snooze, You Lose-type things.

My Fall Five…

  1. Determine once and for all whether or not I can wear gray nail polish in any of its incarnations.
  2. Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Despite all of the hype surrounding them, and the fact that I’m rather in-love with the idea of one, I never actually order them.
  3. Source some proper fall decorations for the house.  So far, my fall decorations resemble last year’s – a pair of mason jars full of candy corn.  Delicious?  Absolutely.  But they don’t really do much in the way of Setting A Mood or Working A Theme.
  4. Bake fall treats.  I’m not sure if they’ll be Pumpkin Muffins/Scones/Blondies/Pie or something like October Bark.  What I do know is that the smell of fall hasn’t fully permeated the house yet, and this will help the situation along.
  5. Take my car in for a wash.  I wish this last one was a joke, but honest-to-God, I absolutely could not tell you the last time that it was washed.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of light dusting on the dashboard either.

And I would like to hear from…

Comfortably Domestic

What Kate is Cooking

Sarah with an “h”

Stephanie in Suburbia

La Petite Pancake

Have you enjoyed your first Pumpkin Spice Latte yet?

Have you had to pull out any of your fall clothes yet?

I’ll be honest, tonight I ended up actioning a cowl neck sweater-pashmina arrangement and I was more baffled by the situation than anything else.

23 responses to “Queen Bee Swain’s Fall Five

  1. Thanks for tagging me- I’m really giddy because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT FALL! I’ve never tried a pumpkin spice latte, weirdly enough. I kind of don’t want to try one from Starbucks because I worked at one in high school, and uh, it wasn’t the most sanitary place to eat or drink anything…

    I am totally obsessed with decorating my house for fall. Michael’s and JoAnn’s have really good and cheap decorations! I also made a banner out of felt last year that I put over my fireplace that I am kind of obsessed with. I like your candy corn / mason jar idea, but candy corn never lasts long enough for me to display it 🙂

  2. You haven’t tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet?!?!?! I’ve had about 10 in the last week I think! It is pure deliciousness in a cup. It is all of fall poured into one cup. Please have one. (I hope you like it when you do try one.) 🙂

  3. I packed away most of my fall clothing, so I was not prepared for the change in weather! I’m all for fall, but it’s such a big change so I’m not ready for it.

  4. I had my first pumpkin spice latte a week ago, funny how after having it, the craving has disappated. But not my craving for all things pumpkin! I want to bake up a storm. In the meanwhile, I’ve been reduced to buy pre-made delights at the bakery.

  5. Pulled out the fall clothes today, which worked nicely because it happens to be jeans day at work!

  6. I have just pulled out some of my favorite fall scarves….I am not ready to commit to my tall leather boots just quite yet though!

  7. Thanks for the tag – I will do this this weekend! I have to say, I did not really care for the Pumpkin Spice latte… Too sweet! I would have prefered more spice. Perhaps my barista did not do the best job… I am totally on board with the fall baked goods, though 🙂 I have always wanted to try scones!

  8. Love it!

    I’m going to go fall shopping this weekend 😀

  9. lowandbhold

    I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, or really pumkin in general, but I do like pumpkin muffins with cream cheese. Yum.

  10. I’m having Maya’s room painted gray tomorrow…I’ll let you know if it’s safe to do on your nails afterwards!

    I really love cowlnecks but I never know how to handle the jacket situation. This prevents me from buying cowlnecks!

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  12. I don’t drink coffee, so no pumpkin spice lattes for me! Besides, the building I spend most of my day in has been so hot lately that I’ve been sticking with my venti unsweetened shaken black iced tea.

    I’ve been wearing my fleece jacket for the past week. We got our first frost the other night! But other than that, I haven’t really pulled anything out…

  13. Awww….I DO love fall, and just blogged myself about missing it terribly since this is my 11th fall in Hawaii! I do what I can…burn pumpkin spice candles, bake, and put fake pumpkins and leaves all over the house! 😉 My boys get really cozy too which is fun for me…
    This is the ONE time of year I do get homesick for the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) where I’m from!
    I do try to keep perspective though, and count my blessings! 😉

  14. I am SO in!

    Fall is my favorite season. Not being a coffee drinker, I’ve never had a regular pumpkin latte, but last fall I was drinking pumpkin chai lattes like they were my lifeblood. It took awhile to get Pandora back in that box, so I’m pacing myself.

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