Daily Archives: 09.13.2011

Mad for Missoni

Missoni for Target was sheer insanity.

I had thought that going the internet route to shop the collection was the sane decision given the fact that I have a job, and had zero desire to rally at a store at 8 AM.

Given what I heard about stores where women were crying, hoarding and stealing from strangers’ carts I’ll still stand by that decision.

But I was DEFINITELY surprised when I headed over to Target.com after logging into my computer at work and saw that the site had CRASHED.

I was not pleased.

At all.

I mentally prepared myself for the reality that there was no Missoni to be had, which was depressing in a best case scenario.  But blessedly, at about 10:30 AM or so, I managed to get through The Wall and into the site.

What I managed to cram into my cart and successfully checkout with at that point felt like nothing less than a Christmas Miracle.

love.  Love.  LOVE.

I will be sleeping with one eye open until I get an e-mail telling me that my order has been shipped!

The most surprising part of the whole extravaganza was not the fact that the site crashed, but how Hardcore Divisive today’s launch was.

It seems that everyone who wanted in was practically dancing in the streets, while everyone who wasn’t In The Hunt took the opportunity to make everyone else feel their pain.

Love the Missoni stripes or hate them, there’s really no need to rain on anyone else’s parade.

Did you get anything from the Missoni for Target collaboration?

If you went to Target today, what was the scene like at your store?

I ran to a nearby Target over my lunch break just to see what was left.  I was greeted at the entrance by a woman who had a cart filled to overflowing with Missoni baby clobber.  The further I got into the store, the more women I found wandering aimlessly and defensively pawing through end caps.  I’ve NEVER seen anything like it in that store.

Have you ever bought anything from Target’s Go International! collection?

The last collection I grabbed something from was Calypso St. Barth’s.  They had such lovely tunics and I felt like the quality of their dye job was 11/10.