Silver and Gold…

In light of my total inability to compose anything coherent since last Wednesday, I thought that we probably needed to workshop a topic that hasn’t really seen the light of day in a LONG time.

Yes, y’all guessed right.

It’s Mitts and Paws time.

On Friday, I needed a little something to perk-up my weekend, so I rolled over to CVS to pick up a few necessity and in the process, may or may not have thrown a couple of experimental bottles of polish into my basket.

The results were…experimental.

As you’ll see from the snaps below, the only thing I managed to ascertain from the experience is that I shouldn’t be a hand model.

Option Uno: Revlon’s 907 Steel-her Heart

Option Dos: Revlon’s 925 Gold Coin

While I was sporting Option Uno, I thought that it seemed like a little much.  And maybe a little bit whiny.  Because gray seems to be all about having feelings…and stuff.  But once I swapped it out for Option Dos this afternoon (brighter!  more upbeat!), I started to wonder if I should be wearing metallics at all.

When I see other ladies flashing boldly-painted nails in the wild, they always look so confident, and these mitts of mine just had me second-guessing the entire time.

Yes, I realize that’s probably a sign.

I suppose if worst comes to worst, I could always re-purpose the Gold Coin for Holidays Only or Paws Only.  My Spider Sense is telling me that the Steel-her Heart wouldn’t look nearly as versatile (and likely more corpse-like) on my toes.

Impromptu Vote: Option Uno or Option Dos?

Are you a gray/silver person or a greige/gold person?

Jewelry-wise I’m a silver person.  Mitts-wise, I’m greige/gold I think.  Or more broadly, “warm.”


14 responses to “Silver and Gold…

  1. I pretty much never paint my nails, but my sister is obsessed with nail polish! I don’t think she has any silver ones, but she’s currently sporting a matte gray on her fingers.

    I hope you’re feeling a lot better! Hopefully it won’t turn into a respiratory deal. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

  2. I just did a polish called “The Next CEO”. It was a metallic-gold color and I had the same self doubts. I took it off after 3 days because I felt it was too “hey, look at me”.
    I feel comfortable in the soft pink and deep mauve family.
    Although, I do love the emo feel I get from going gray or black.

  3. Ok, so your wedding ring set? LOVE. And your bracelet choices? Fabulous. Just thought I’d mention :]
    I’m with you on the silver when it comes to jewelry, but I’m not really one for silver or gold polish–mostly blues, purples, and greens

  4. I am definitely more drawn to the silver one!

  5. I’m a sucker for silver, so I’m all for the numero uno. Silver jewelry just seems to look classier in my opinion.

  6. I like both – and we must be brain twins because I wanted to paint my nails silver and gold this weekend, but CVS was one big cluster-you-know-what, so I never got my colors 😦 I will try again and report back!

  7. I’m loving the gold all the way! Duos!

  8. I vote Uno on the nail polish – somehow it looks very “adult” to me. In a good way. I’m not sure if that made any sense . . .
    Also, I second the compliment on the awesome bracelets – excellent arm party!

  9. I vote Uno, it seems bit more understated if you’re a little hesitant to rock super bold nails. I’m such a wimp when it comes to my nails-they’re basically pale pink or pale pink!

  10. I think gold goes well with my warm skin tone, silver tends to look out of place it its too shinnnyyy!

    For the nails, option uno!

  11. The gold polish is REALLY doing it for me! Totes buying some at the store today!

  12. I’m a silver/grey girl – warm colours are not for me. But really, I think nail polish is all about the mood you’re in. Feeling bold? Gold and shiny. Feeling like you should be drinking a margarita poolside? Coral polish, or fruit-punch pink. Perhaps strangely, I never “feel” pale pink, peach, or nude…

  13. I really want to love the metallic grays that are All The Rage, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll keep thinking I’ve slammed my fingers in a door. I had the same cadaver-like feeling after applying a metallic cobalt blue that I had to have.

    I vote for Uno for mitts, Dos for paws. Go Big.

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