Daily Archives: 09.11.2011

Silver and Gold…

In light of my total inability to compose anything coherent since last Wednesday, I thought that we probably needed to workshop a topic that hasn’t really seen the light of day in a LONG time.

Yes, y’all guessed right.

It’s Mitts and Paws time.

On Friday, I needed a little something to perk-up my weekend, so I rolled over to CVS to pick up a few necessity and in the process, may or may not have thrown a couple of experimental bottles of polish into my basket.

The results were…experimental.

As you’ll see from the snaps below, the only thing I managed to ascertain from the experience is that I shouldn’t be a hand model.

Option Uno: Revlon’s 907 Steel-her Heart

Option Dos: Revlon’s 925 Gold Coin

While I was sporting Option Uno, I thought that it seemed like a little much.  And maybe a little bit whiny.  Because gray seems to be all about having feelings…and stuff.  But once I swapped it out for Option Dos this afternoon (brighter!  more upbeat!), I started to wonder if I should be wearing metallics at all.

When I see other ladies flashing boldly-painted nails in the wild, they always look so confident, and these mitts of mine just had me second-guessing the entire time.

Yes, I realize that’s probably a sign.

I suppose if worst comes to worst, I could always re-purpose the Gold Coin for Holidays Only or Paws Only.  My Spider Sense is telling me that the Steel-her Heart wouldn’t look nearly as versatile (and likely more corpse-like) on my toes.

Impromptu Vote: Option Uno or Option Dos?

Are you a gray/silver person or a greige/gold person?

Jewelry-wise I’m a silver person.  Mitts-wise, I’m greige/gold I think.  Or more broadly, “warm.”