Daily Archives: 09.10.2011

Let the Games Begin!

I feel like I’ve thrown y’all nothing but sulkiness for the past few days, so thank you for sticking with me, kittens!  I just know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  Will we see it until Monday or Tuesday?  Speculative.  But we know that it’s there.

In the meantime, while we continue to slog through this mess (I’ve almost bested an entire roll of toilet paper – it’s my impromptu Kleenex), please know that your kind words and remedies mean the world to me.

When I rolled out of bed this morning I felt Not Worse.  While that’s obviously not as good as Getting Better, it’s far more desirable than Worse.

Not Worse meant that I could probably make an attempt at an honest-to-goodness social life, so today’s Big Event was attending a friend’s 30th birthday party.

Yes, 30 is a big deal.  But Marcus and I were especially excited to attend because they had orchestrated a rather epic Olympics-themed party.

For context, there was an opening ceremony, complete with a torch run into the stadium and a lighting of The Official Torch Of Our Games.

Go Big Or Go Home.

One event is good, but lots of events are better.  Obviously.  So, Marcus and I competed together as team ciete ses (I didn’t take spanish in high school so I’m now under the impression that what I actually intended to write was…cienta seis) in the events of Bocce, Frisbee, Bean Bag Toss, Ladder Golf, Hammerschlagen and Beer Pong.

I meant to take pictures of all of the “arenas” to give you a real feel for what we were contending with, but I waited a little bit too long if you know what I mean.

I walked away with this snap instead.


Also unpictured and unplanned events: Set A Cinderblock On Top Of The Hammerschlagen Stump And Hose It Off In The Direction Of The Spectators AND Try To Use A Machete And An Axe Instead Of The Hammerschlagen Hammer.

Sometimes things start to deteriorate and it’s your job to just hang on, right?

We ended up in a four-way tie for first and got eliminated in the play-offs after a ferocious round of Bean Bag Toss.  I can truly say that it’s the first time I’ve ever really tried at that game or have played it sober.  So I guess you could chalk this one up as a night of firsts.

What’s the most elaborately-themed birthday party you’ve ever attended?

What’s your favorite backyard game to play?