Daily Archives: 09.07.2011

This is the way I live.

I woke up this morning and it felt like I had swallowed sandpaper.

As it turns out, my body’s limit is somewhere between No Activity and A Double Date, A 20 mile run, Wedding Dress Shopping, A Surprise Engagement Party, A Wedding Of The Century and 10 Hours On The River.

Lest y’all think I’ve been taking this sitting down, I am here to inform you that I have not.

The following totally holistic remedies have been tried and even though I don’t think I’ll really know the results until tomorrow, just typing them seems to make them sound more legitimate.  So here goes…

  • Snarfing a bag of Halls Lemon-Honey Mentholyptus Cough Drops
  • Eating Indian food for lunch
  • Going on a Burn It Out run post-work (my body runs a degree cold so I was hoping to make it up to fever-level)
  • Drinking more than a few glasses of Prosecco
  • Eating asian food that is so spicy even Marcus had to back down as I gleefully went back for spoonful after spoonful of green curry

I can’t keep my poor peepers open much longer than this, but just know that I’m really hoping the road to recovery ends at 5:15 tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed to do some yoga.

In the meantime, it’s time to tuck in, curl up and call it a night.

What do you do when you feel The Crap coming on?