Daily Archives: 09.05.2011

A Three Hour Cruise

Or a 10 hour extravaganza, more like.

A few weeks ago, my Godmother Jill invited us to go out with her and her boyfriend Tony on the Minnesota River.

Obviously by this point, y’all know I’ll do basically anything to get out on the water and I was more than happy to accept that invitation.

Because getting invited is so much better for one’s pride than begging 😉

We pulled in at 10 AM, freshly scrubbed and totally exhausted by last night’s festivities.  Adam and Galina’s wedding was absolutely amazing, but there are only so many sins that a run, a cup of coffee and a heavy hand with the eyeliner can erase.

I was absolutely fascinated by the marina.  There were SO many boats and so many boats that are different from what we see out on the lakes!

We also learned that Tony has some pretty cool houseboat-neighbors – they’re an extremely communal bunch.  Apparently his dock is The Dock to have a slip on because they’re so close.

The boat itself was nothing to sneeze at either.  Naturally I didn’t even think about taking pictures of it until we were on the darned thing.

Yes, you can take these to mean that lots of James Bond-style sliding along the edge of the boat was taking place.  Which really isn’t such a big deal until you’re moving at a fairly good place and the water is only three or four feet away from you.

It’s a good incentive to make sure that you’re holding on tight!

And then there was the river.  I was deadly-fascinated by the little bits of industry that popped up here and there.

It was so quiet while we were out there – I saw more herons and egrets than I have fingers and toes to count.  Perching in trees, standing in the water, soaring, landing, swooping, hunting.  You name it, they were doing it.

Between those critters, the screaming eagle and the flock of osprey, I was hooked.

The only thing that remains to be seen is what sort of extremely uneven sunburn I managed to give myself today.  That could be a real treat.

What did you do for labor day weekend?