Daily Archives: 09.04.2011

The Show Must Go On

Marcus and I are about to dart off to the last wedding of the summer and possibly the last of the year.  I feel like this weekend has been such a busy one that there’s no possible way we have another day of festivities.

But we do.

And y’all know how I roll.  The show must go on.

Our new dishwasher was installed successfully.

Meet the Quiet Partner II.

Marcus hasn’t taught me how to use it yet.  I think at this point I’m just going to let sleeping dogs lie and see how long I can get away without having to run it myself.

For more tangible beauty, this week’s birthday flowers.

I wish I could say that I picked it for the coloring of the daisies or the lovely little tea roses, but it was the hypericum that sold me.  What purpose those tiny little berries actually serve escapes me, but I think they make for the best filler ever.

Because Michelle is the coolest sister-in-law in the world, when the school she teaches at was purging old curicuulum, she set her paws on a few things for me.



I just have a sense that we’re going to be actioning some seriously retro things in the very near future.

Considering the fact that I literally just poured myself into a dress, I think it’s time to go get the party started!

Do you have any “older” cookbooks that you just adore?

What will you do to get out of a chore?