All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

I ran 20 miles this morning.  Which was deadly-vindicating after last weekend’s debacle.  We’ll discuss more later.

So please bear with me as we go heavy on the pictures and easy on the words.

Once upon a time, we scheduled a Dive Bar Date Night with Tom and Sarah and last night we finally made it happen.  I kid you not when I say that prior to last night, it had probably been on the calendar for…two months?

Before we went out, I was compelled to experiment with the Arm Party concept.

It felt right, but it didn’t seem quite appropriate for the vibe we were going for.

So I went with something bordering on urban jungle instead.

I’m trying to put that birthday purse to good use, you know?

And because every good story has a cast of characters, The Daters.

Ready to roll, obviously.

First, we stopped off at Grumpy’s in Northeast.

For him: A Back in Black.  For her:  A North Coast Grand Cru.


Marcus pronounced his beer Average and mine Undrinkable.  I pronounced his beer Also Average and mine The Most Delicious Thing.

After a beer on a patio that was so smoky it may as well have been a chimney, we switched gears to get dinner in-order.

Somehow we ended up at Chimborazo again (don’t ask).  But to their credit, we were pleasantly surprised by the service.

I only managed one snap before I hit the old feed bag.  Plus (if you can’t tell from what’s below), they have what could be generously termed as “mood lighting.”  I would err on the side of calling it Conserving Electricity: Our Most Precious Resource.

Our appetizers: Fried plantains with some sort of queso fresco-arrangement, a pseudo cilantro-based pesto/chimichurri-type sauce from the Gods and ceviche.

But it was definitely worth another go.

Post-dinner, we headed over to Jimmy’s for one more drink.  I stuck with water because of this morning’s run, but y’all had better believe that I took major advantage of the beef sticks they had on-offer.

Someday I’ll be brave enough to try their shrimp cocktail, but somehow I have a feeling that’s not going to happen until I know there’s a weekend with literally no other plans.

What’s the most out-of-place food you’ve seen offered at a bar/restaurant?

What does it take for you to give a place a second chance?

When you go out, do you usually stick to one place or make multiple stops?

Seriously, I don’t know if I could handle only making one stop anymore.

5 responses to “All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

  1. Congrats on the 20 miler! As for second chances, I’ll usually give a place a second chance if a lot of people say the place is good, especially if they suggest a certain food.

  2. When I go out it’s one stop and then home. I am usually too exhausted to do much more than that!

    I’m glad you gave the restaurant a second chance because “sauce from the Gods” sounds worth it.

    Love the outfit. I especially love the way you are looking down in the photo! Very

  3. I love your outfit! That is definitely something I would wear. And super big congrats on the 20 mile – you go, girl!

  4. I think my favorite part of this is the looks you must have gotten taking pictures in Grumpys.

    I like to vary my going out as much as possible, as date nights can be few and far between when things get busy. But for cheap drinking, like happy hour with the girls, I almost always hit up Santorini. It just intrigues me to have super duper Greek food, and then pizza and fries.

  5. I’ve mentioned before that I used to rock the arm party on a daily basis in elementary school. With the amount of teasing I received, I will never venture an arm party again. For the time being, I will work on dressing in clothes that don’t create a muffin top and shoes that make me feel fabulous.

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