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Friday Food Round-Up!


Right?  Right.  As a weekend rite of passage, I invite all of you to seek out Rebecca Black’s Friday and take a moment to just move your body to it.

Don’t worry.  No one is watching.

If all goes well, then someone from Best Buy should be in the process of attempting to install our new dishwasher.

If all doesn’t go well, then expect lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth from me tomorrow.

Monday – Blackened Fish Tacos with Kirsten’s Corn Salad

I can’t remember when we bought this package of whiting from ALDI.  I know that it hasn’t been more than six months, but I just have that urge to purge right now and so I thought that fish tacos would go a long way in addressing that particular bit of clutter in my freezer.

To cook the fish I just let them sit in evoo and s+p for a few to get things going and then I tossed them, skin-side down, onto a grill pan set at medium-high.  To season/attempt blackening I bombarded the flesh-side with Old Bay.

Even though our house smelled like Old Bay for the next 36 hours, I did not regret my decision.

Despite the fact that Marcus feigns a love-hate relationship with fish, he ate TWO tacos, so I feel comfortable saying that this dish was most definitely a win.

And yes, you ARE so observant.  Corn and Avocado salad is back!

Kirsten noted that my taste buds are nothing, if not loyal.  This we have come to know as fact.

But I will also shamelessly admit that I love inhaling the taste of summer.  The combination of corn and avocado is a mystical one, and the very thought of eating it on the patio will sustain me through the dark winter months spent under fluorescent lights.

Tuesday – Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken with Oven Fries, Roasted Broccoli and Corn on the Cob

That chicken recipe from bon appetit has been an absolute gift from the gods this summer.  Even though it takes a bit of foresight, the actual effort on the cooking-end is basically nothing and the end result is delightfully delicious.

Since the chicken is a show all its own, I didn’t feel compelled to pair it with exotic side dishes.  I think we can all agree that the theme for August was Simpler Is Better.

And Ameena, you should be really proud that you taught me it’s okay to marinate frozen chicken overnight, and it will defrost in the fridge that way.

Wednesday – Soft Fried Eggs over leftover Oven Fries and Roasted Mushrooms with Corn on the Cob and Cucumber Salad (not pictured)

In the most tried and true tradition of the Friday Food Round-Up, it was absolutely necessary to play clean-out-the-fridge and action a soft fried egg-arrangement.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re beating the horse dead over here but soft fried eggs are such a great way to dress-up leftovers and include meatless-protein.

I’m assuming you’ve already noticed, but yes, sweet corn is a constant this week.  By my estimates, the farm we live near only has a week or two left of the stuff so I will most definitely be eating it in mass-quantities until that dreadful day comes.

What is the summer food you have been inhaling?

Did you action any soft fried egg arrangements this week?