Daily Archives: 09.01.2011

Completely Unrelated

Kittens, I absolutely LOVED the feedback you had on my 25 by 25 post yesterday!  Like I told Sarah, I tried to make half of the list frivolous and I tried to use the other half of the list to take care of projects that I have been putting off for AGES.

Obviously if any of you make a list of that sort, I would love-love-love to see it/support you on your 365 day-long adventure too!

So stop waiting and start listing!

Even though I’ve cut back on my hours, I feel like work-wise, this week was one of the longest ever.  Most of my energy has been focused on training one of the replacements for my old position.  Between trying to do my job AND her job in less than half the time in addition to teaching her what I’m doing?

It’s just insanity.

There’s no other way to describe it.  I haven’t even had time to read the news so I don’t know what is going on in the world.  But as an un-perk, I’ve been sleeping more soundly this week than I have in recent memory.

As  bit of a salve, I was beyond thrilled today when I received an e-mail informing me that I had won a private craft brew tasting for eight at Pairings.   I want to say I entered their contest a month ago, felt really exhilarated about the whole thing, and then proceeded to completely forget about it.  So when I opened up my e-mail today and saw my name at the top of the newsletter, I very nearly choked on the bit of lunch I was eating.

I wish I could say that’s a unique occurrence, but considering the fact that I can tell you about the last two times in the past month that I’ve almost choked on my own spit, it probably isn’t.

For the record, if you can avoid it at all, try to avoid that scenario playing out in the middle of a large, all-company meeting.

In other unrelated news (I debated embargoing this until next Monday, but then decided against it), I’ve officially gained my Marathon Five.  Since I’ve been feeling particularly plucky as of late, I thought that I would break my scale-less streak and give it a try.

I tried to do some mental preparation before-hand, so when I saw the number I would keep my shit together.  The fact of the matter is that even though it gave Rational Kat a little jolt of shock, Runner Kat just wanted to start laughing.

If you could see my legs up-close and personal, you would understand.  As I explained to some girlfriends today, they’re the Texas of my body.  If I could will them to do things, I would in a heartbeat.  But the reality is that I can’t, and that they have faithfully carried me over 1500 miles in the last year and a half.  So if they want to gain muscle, retain water and store glycogen, then this is me giving them carte blanche.

We have a lifetime ahead of us after October 2nd.

Have you ever gained weight training for an event?

Have you attempted to choke on your own spit in a particularly conspicuous place?

At first I wasn’t sure if I should admit this one, but I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone is hiding a story.  So go ahead, spill.  We’ll laugh so hard that we cry together.

p.s. Miss Brady’s foot is in a boot and she’s meant to be running the marathon with us (that’s  REALLY royal “we”) in a month.  So if you have the time (or the positive karmic balance) to send some good vibes that way, by all means do.