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A Banner Day

Bloggers, do you ever have those moments where you mean to take lots of snaps of an activity and then it simply doesn’t happen?

Me too.

Behold, my one and only piece of evidence (besides the giant sack of stuff I toted off) that I attended the Twin Cities Marathon Expo today.

Right?  Right.  Evidence.

What you missed: Me rolling around in a black and white long-sleeved shift dress with flip-flops.  After the blisters came out to play on Wednesday night, I made the executive decision to abandon heels (and any semblance of civility) for the High Holidays in The Spirit of Healing and Common Sense.

So far, so good.

Separately, today was a banner day as far as the mail is concerned.

In the stack: A new Driver’s License (!), the photos I ordered off of Shutterfly and a parcel from Miss Kate.

When she found out that my leg was rebelling against the rest of my body, she asked me if she could send me a little care package.  Nicest thing ever, right?

In the mix: Homemade Candy Corn (yes, seriously), Orange Chocolate, and packets of Almond + Pecan Butter.  Girl knows me TOO well!

Food for healing may have just turned into food for post-race snarfing.  OR it could become a wonderful component of R&R week.  😉

I have to run because we’re off to celebrate Oktoberfest tonight!

If you were to open up your ideal care package, what would be inside?

Are you celebrating anything this weekend?

A Bit of Clarification

Marcus informed me that yesterday’s post was exceedingly cryptic.

So if you finished reading and found yourself more mystified than In The Know or trapped on some sort of Emotional Roller Coaster, I apologize.

This also marks the last time that the man gets to give me post feedback, since as I was typing the first draft he informed me that he thought I should share a little bit less and give the situation a day.

Men can be so tricky sometimes.

What I do know:

  • I’m picking up my race packet tomorrow after services.
  • I’m going to be bringing Marcus into the expo with me so that we can load up on mini LARA bars.  Shameless is my middle name.
  • I’m showing up at the starting line on Sunday morning.
  • I’m now tapering my un-taper.  Which is to say I’m not running again until 8:00 AM on Sunday morning.

What I do not know:

  • What pace I’m running.  Originally my goal was 4:00:00.  That seems a little bit insane now, since up until yesterday I had done no running.  So I’m thinking that the 4:15 pace group could be a good choice.
  • Whether I’m going to run straight through or if I’m going to run for four minutes and walk for one.
  • What the course is going to be like.  I’ve read the map and looked at the elevation charts.  That is all.  Here’s to hoping that ignorance is bliss.

And because you know you want to know how all of this ends before I can get to a computer to post/tweet (let me assure you that in the evening it ends with a German Beer Dinner so no matter what it cannot be all bad), track me!

How to do it?

Click here.  They’ll ask you for your cell phone carrier and your phone number.  When it comes to last names, search “Werb.”

I’m the only one, so you won’t need to do any sifting after that.  They’ll send you ~4 updates while I’m on the course with my times.  You can see if I’m following any sort of pace, whether or not I hit the wall and when I cross the finish line.

What do you do when you get blisters?

I may or may not have a large one on my left foot (you know, since those callouses disappeared like whoa) and it needs to heal pronto.  Any and all advice is welcome even if you think it might come off as “wacky.”

All sorts of confusing.

Kittens, shit is about to get confusing.  So consider this your warning.  Because if you finish this post and you’ve raised your eyebrows to the point where they’ve met your hairline, then you have an idea of how I’m feeling.

Except times that by 10.

Roll with me.

I thought I was going to share snaps of my dinner outfit with you tonight.  Except it wasn’t that exciting and if you have seen me in one tunic and leggings arrangement, then you have probably seen me in all of them.

So just use your imagination.  And look at it this way…When I decide to pull an outfit repeat, it will be the first time that y’all get to see it.


What could possibly be more fascinating?

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to lose the glycogen stores that I spent all summer accumulating to great success.

I have no callouses left.

I have one giant blister on the edge of the ball of my left foot.

And as of today, one pain-free six-mile run under my belt.

Sunday is coming and my weekend just got turned all sorts of upside-down.  Pray for strong legs, a safe run and the ability to listen to my body if it says no.

The (Tuesday) Friday Food Round-Up

Subtitle: Tribute to Jenna-week

I was going to save this post for Friday, but then I realized that I fully plan to dedicate the remainder of the week to outfit snaps and odes to challah.  That is after all, the spirit of Rosh Hashanah, is it not?

Since the high holidays begin this week, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make a few meals that would be vastly different from the traditional dishes we will be having on Wednesday and Thursday night.  Beyond the typical pursuit of leftovers, I was hoping for an end result that would give us the chance to freeze a few extra portions for weekend lunches.  Or evenings where we’re both running around.

The first step to averting Hunger Terrorism is Being Prepared.

Thus far, I’m completely comfortable claiming victory in that arena.

Sunday – Jenna’s Creamy White Chicken Chili

Once upon a time, Marcus claimed he would never eat my chili.  Which was true until I forced it on him at which point he started singing a different tune.  I’m now 100% positive that “chili” has comfortably claimed a spot in the list of Top 5 Meals That I Make.

For all of the happiness that eating this meal brought me, I was made double-y-happy because this is the first time that I’ve gotten to cook with my Le Creuset since before the wedding and OHMIGOD using enameled dutch ovens is comforting.

Comfort and favoritism aside, if you’re a beginning cook, this is a great recipe to try out because there aren’t any exotic ingredients.  And from a technical perspective, after you get the meat cooking, all you need to do is dump, stir and let it sit.

Monday – Jenna’s Channa Masala

What doesn’t photograph well?

Mango Chutney.  Obviously.  But I just had to sneak it in there.

And believe you me, no one was more astonished than this lady when Marcus INHALED it, raisins and all.

There were so many things re: that situation that confused me  that there simply isn’t the space to list them all here.  So just use your imagination.

What I know: I’ve created a monster.

Just like the chili, this one sits comfortably in Marcus’ Top 5.

Maybe I was pandering this week?  Maybe.

But if you tell him that you’re making Channa Masala, he will want to establish that you’re making “the beans with the red.”

Oh, how he keeps me humble.

Tuesday – Baked potatoes topped with soft fried eggs and pico de gallo

What wasn’t listed in that title?


Right.  We’ll call it the 12th man.  The fifth quarter.  The angel in the outfield.

Tonight was meant to be a pantry-clearing dish, which can be evidenced by the pico de gallo that ended up on our plates.

Because that’s just what happens when you’re down to your last red onion, have an extra jalapeno and a bunch of cilantro sitting on the bench and a handful of tomatoes that have no hope of being eaten.  Strangely enough, it may have been our best batch yet.

I feel like it goes without explaining that we added the eggs in for some cheap, easy protein and flavor.  As I was scrolling through the last month worth of meals, I was positively horrified to discover that we haven’t embraced soft-fried eggs at dinner since the week of September 2nd.

How dark our lives have been.

Do you cook differently in the week leading up to a holiday?

What are your favorite meals to freeze?

Are you a Cholula person?

This is probably the most important question of all.

Week Two of Six

Confession: I thought the transition from running to…not running would be more shocking than it has been.  Mind you, this is only week two of six and I’m still trying to figure out what a life without running (for now) even looks like.

In the spirit of my 25 by 25, I decided that I would take a whack at trying to get on-board with #2 Take-Up Pilates.

You know, since I should be enjoying this stress-free, no-pressure time of fitness.  I thought that if I committed to trying it out for a week, then I would have a better idea of how it “fits” into my life.

Verdict so far?  I have absolutely no idea of whether or not this is going to do anything for my arms.  There seems to be a lot of…flapping involved and instead of feeling sweaty, mostly I feel confused.

But I have become re-acquainted with my hip flexors and have learned a couple of good breathing techniques.  If nothing else, I’m 100% positive that it will help with my yoga technique.  I’ll have to give y’all the full report next Monday.

For a full report in the here and now, say what you will about power walking, but I’ve found that the upside to this arrangement is that I’ve been able to enjoy Really Excellent Post-Workout Hair.

Vanity comes first.

I’ve also been trying to re-embrace Intuitive Eating.  Now that I’m out of training, I don’t need to worry about eating enough, I just need to make sure that I’m eating well.

During the week that’s a pretty simple proposition.  Between work, working out and cooking dinner, I have a routine.  I have time to listen to my body.  I have meals planned out.

There are MANY mugs of tea.

But on the weekend?  All bets are off.  There are friends.  Scavenging for leftovers.  Happy Hours.  Glasses of wine.  And bread.

Did I mention the bread?

Because bread seems to be a most definite side-effect of my weekend adventures.

Even though I wouldn’t have it any other way, there’s definitely room for improvement.  Giving myself the opportunity to make healthy decisions is key.  For now we’ll just have to put another tally in the Will Report Back-column.

Are you a bread person?  A potato person?

I used to think that I was a potato person, but we make them so often for dinner these days that they no longer hold their spell over me.  It’s rare that a dinner roll makes an appearance at our table.

Functionally Complete

Today was a continuation of the nesting-jag that started yesterday.  It was a perfect fall day, so I opened all of the windows, put on a pot of lemon tea and got down to business.

The fruits of my labors?

I took five bags of clothing to the Goodwill, created a recognizable filing system in the office and ordered some prints of snaps from the wedding/honeymoon to display in the living room.

Oh, and we bought a mattress.  It comes on Saturday 🙂

You know what they say…when it rains, it pours.

Since a lot of projects are in-progress right now, I thought that it would be nice to properly wrap one up.  So I was fairly pleased when I found fall decor at the grocery store today.

I jumped on it and went big.

I think it’s safe to say that #3 of the Fall Five is functionally complete.

But I still can’t shake the feeling that we need some sort of festive door wreath or harvest basket.  I think that I’ll wait for the Universe to reveal that one to me.

What sort of time frame do you allow yourself when you’re working on house/redecorating projects?

When the urge strikes…

I don’t know if Fall is a season that is meant to Inspire The Masses To Nest, but after I wrapped-up my power walk this morning, the urge struck.


So I kicked off the morning with a round of intense purging in our second bedroom.  I’ve always referred to it as The Office, but considering the fact that it has been stuffed to the gills with Marcus’ clothing, wedding gifts and other flotsam over the past two years, it’s safe to say that it has been anything but.

No, I don’t have any snaps for you at the moment.  But that’s because even though I did take a moment to photo-document the “before,” I don’t have any “after” photos…yet.

The only thing I can pinky swear to you is that when you see the “before” snaps you will be horrified.  Or you may have the exact same type of room in your home, in which case you should know that you are not alone.  We’re going to work through this one together.

More thrillingly, Marcus FINALLY finished staining the bed.  And since he would like to be able to park his car in the garage again, we’re hoping to have our new bed installed, made-up and ready-to-go by the end of next weekend.

Is that a realistic goal?  Who knows.  What I do know is that it means that the time for mattress shopping has finally come.

As much as I’d like to be able to tell y’all that I’m extremely methodical when it comes to home improvement/re-organizing and everything that goes along with it, that is absolutely not the case.   Since we know nothing about mattresses, we figured that the most effective way to put a method to the madness would be to make a list of stores to visit and then Princess and The Pea our way through them.

Yes, seriously.

We’ve already been to two this afternoon with the hope to make it to another one before our respective happy hours.  If our mission is successful, then tomorrow we’ll stop back at the store to actually buy the thing.

How do you organize your home improvement projects?

Are you doing any nesting right now?