Daily Archives: 08.30.2011

A Lack of Enthusiasm

I had originally thought that I would kick-off the High Holidays Fashion Show tonight.  But it’s August.  And even though the sky was sulky today in the grayest of ways, I just can’t bring myself to show any sort of enthusiasm for fall.

Trees are already changing.  The geese have flocked-up and are actioning Flying Vs.

We live in Minnesota.  Winter is coming, and I’m deadly afraid it’s going to be arriving much earlier than any of us would like.  I would prefer to avoid doing anything that might be perceived as encouraging The Situation.

See Exhibit A for clarification of my feelings.

Exhibit A

I KNOW.  I think my stylist accidentally used the semi-permanent dye on my roots too!

But that’s just not a solvable problem in the here and now.

When we were done with dinner tonight by 7:00, I was baffled.

I know, the rest of you are probably thinking, Come on, Captain Obvious.  You get off work at 2:30.

Right.  I know.  But for the past week, I’ve been running long-overdue errands like a maniac.  Tonight is the first night where I’ve come home (okay, so I stopped at the post office to pick up a certified letter on the way), run and then been able to…just be.

I was so perplexed by the wide-open stretch of time that Marcus had to press pause on doing the dishes and welcome me to my new reality.

After narrowing down the evening’s festivities to Going to The Library or Watching Keeping The Faith In Bed, I decided to do the somewhat responsible thing and head over to the library.  The number of books hanging around the house since the wedding has been just pitiful, and I refuse to start reading my September Issues until I have all of them in my possession.

Since we live in Not Real World, we’re unable to be content with a library that is merely a home to books and multimedia equipment. It’s a tribute to advances in modern architecture.

Did I mention that it has a green roof?  Because there’s that too.

Even if I never set foot inside the place, I’d feel better just knowing that it’s there.

I left with more books than I could ever possibly hope to read in three weeks, but it was somewhat Soothing to arrange them all in the “book basket” I keep stashed underneath our coffee table.

Do you go to the library or are you a Kindle/Nook person?

Our library is literally a 90 second drive away, so unless we lived on top of it, I don’t think that it could possibly be more convenient.

Fall is basically upon us.  Are you the kind of person who is already waiting in line for a Pumpkin Spice Latte?  Or will you be wearing your flip-flops until your feet freeze?