Daily Archives: 08.28.2011

The beginning of 24

Kittens, today I am 24.  I’ll have all sorts of really Sage Stuff to share later this week about what, exactly, being 24 means.  But in the here and now, I thought it would be more fun to share the odd snap with y’all of one of The Loveliest Days.

Creatures of habit that we are, Marcus and I kicked off our morning with a grocery store adventure that culminated in our weekly stop to Gregor Farm.

How gorgeous, right?

We ended up leaving with eight ears of sweet corn, a carton of cherry tomatoes, some new potatoes and a handful of banana peppers.  GOD I love that place.

Marcus got me this lovely clutch/purse arrangement.

Obviously between the sparkles and the chain-straps, I love it 11/10.

David and Sue came by bearing gifts.

Like the salt and pepper shakers that match The Best China Ever.

As a “non-serious” gift, Sue brought this bracelet along as well.

I don’t think she realized what an addition it will be to my Arm Party.

Can’t you just imagine the possibilities?

Because I think my head might explode.

And Mom and Dad proffered this moon rock.

Just kidding.  It’s actually  geode with an Amethyst inside.  My grandmother found it in the Carolinas back in the day and carried it from house-to-house as they followed my Air Force Pilot-Grandfather around the world.

Part of me wants to have it chopped open and polished.  My other (more sickeningly sentimental) half wants to leave it intact because the mystery of it all is half the fun.

Contrary to what I’ve been bombarding you with, grocery shopping and gifting were NOT the only things on the day’s agenda.  This afternoon, we went to see the races at Canterbury Park with Jillian and Mike.  If you had asked us a couple of weeks ago, we would have sworn up and down that we were going to grill.  But after some major soul-searching at the bar last weekend, we decided that it would be appropriate to go for something more adventuresome.

Before we could make the trip south, they forced these upon me.


Fantastic, right?

Sweet Retreat is going to be on Cupcake Wars this week and I’ve been despairing, trying to figure out when the mania is going to die-down.  Yes, they’re my favorite cupcakes of All Time, but I’m not about to fight other people off for them.

It’s that whole Dignity Thing.

Thankfully, that is no longer my concern.

Cupcakes aside, the races were amazing.  Given my fixation with horses and the Kentucky Derby, I have no idea of how I made it to the age of 24 without setting foot near a racetrack.

I don’t want to say it was exactly like they show on TV, because that would be terribly ignorant.


It was very much like what they show on TV.  I felt right at home.

We bet, we drank cash-only beers, we cheered even when we weren’t sure if we were even yelling for the right horse, and we mined our Beginner Programs for meaningless tidbits of information that would reveal the winner of the next race to us.  I knew we had finally hit our groove when Mike just started naming horses for the trainers.

I don’t know that I would try to go on any sort of regular basis, but I would definitely suggest it for an afternoon adventure again.  🙂

Have you ever watched live horse racing?

Do you have any birthday traditions?

Have you ever cracked open a geode?

I know I’m punting with this one, but I just feel like one of you has to have attempted it.