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The Honeymoon: Paris

Kittens, I’m simultaneously shocked and thrilled that we’ve finally reached the last post in my Honeymoon-recap series.  For some reason, looking at these pictures made me feel the most emotional.  I’m not sure if it’s because this part of the trip was the most physically grueling, or if it’s because this means (as it did then) that we have reached the end.  Time stops for nothing.

Ah, Paris.

Armed with That One Guidebook From 1992, my functional food-related French (thank you Liberal Ed requirement!), and a wardrobe devoid of any sort of American logos, we returned to The City of Light.

What to say about Paris?  We didn’t stop moving.  Except for at 3 PM each day when heat exhaustion claimed us.

That’s what you get for walking seven miles in 96 degree weather.

Did I mention that we didn’t ride the metro once?  By the time we had made it through the first day, I had managed to rotate through the three pairs of flats I had packed AND my flip-flops.

My feet looked like a battlefield.

So, someday when you go there, don’t be like us.

But make sure to admire.  And as you feel the full weight of taking Perfect Vacation Photos To Decorate Your Home With pressing down on your shoulders, start snapping.  Don’t even think about stopping.

I wish I could say we saw everything, but we didn’t even come close.

We walked to Notre Dame, through le Jardins du Luxemborg, roamed the Louvre, admired the tuileries, circled the Obelisk, went down the Champs de Elysee, stood underneath L’Arc de Triomphe, wandered through the Champ de Mars to the base of the Eiffel Tower, marveled at Les Invalides and promenaded down the Seine and to the Cluny.

Marcus learned about Moules Marinieres to the point where he was begging for them.  I asked an appalled man at a crepe stand in the Latin Quarter to action me a crepe with Nutella AND Bonne Maman Strawberry Jam.

Marcus scooped me up as I tried to fling my exhausted-self across the cobblestones of the courtyard at the Cluny.

We both agreed that we had reached our capacity for viewing/admiring things that had been built by slaves.

It was perfect.

A fantastic side-effect of all of this blogging about The Honeymoon?  It forced me to be methodical about doing some photo selection and the editing to go along with it.  We registered for a pair of collage-style picture frames that I’ve been chomping at the bit to fill, so next week’s project will be to order the prints that need to go in those.

Prepare yourselves.

What are the most extreme conditions you’ve ever traveled in?

We didn’t realize how hot it was/had been until the second day we were in the city because we weren’t watching the news or reading the paper.  I practically kissed our waiter at dinner that night when he brought us a tiny, cocktail chiller full of ice.

When you’re on vacation, how many sights (or sites) do you try to see on a given day?

How do you trick yourself into working on long projects?