A Head Start on Fall Fashion: The Working Woman

Last week I promised you Career, which is not entirely unlike being a fish out of water for those members of the group who exclusively embrace the seasons of Fall and Resort.

While the chosen apparel of The Working Woman tends towards Fall more than anything else, halfway there is by no means all the way there.

Welcome to the new regime.

Some selections.  To get your mind going.

Not-so-much smokin’ stuff, but worn correctly, some of it could be…flattering.  Which is kind of the heart of the matter here.

Humor me for a moment.

Raise one hand if you’ve tried on “work clothes” and they’ve made you look like a box.

Now, raise the other hand if you have shown up at work before and you felt like everything you somehow managed to squeeze into made you feel like a sausage.

Finally, have a laugh if you’re actually sitting in your cubicle right now with both hands in the air.

Me too.

We’ve all been there.

I understand that people apply all sorts of rules when picking out professional clothing, but for women, I think it boils down to one simple question:

Will people judge me when I wear this?

To which there are two possible answers…

  1. Yes.  If the answer is “yes,” try to determine if they’re going to be jealous OR if they’re going to be secretly laughing because you made like Michael Scott in that one episode of The Office where he wears a women’s suit.  If it’s a jealous-yes, then buy it in every color.
  2. No.  Your selection is probably safe.  And deeply unmemorable.

Given that I’m the girl who spent the entirety of last winter in a parade of J.Crew Perfect-Fit Crew Neck Long-Sleeved Shirts with coordinating, contrasting-pashminas I will be the first to tell you that it’s okay to go either way.

But in light of recent events (read: the fact that I will be gearing up for another winter with The Company), I felt like we had probably reached the logical point for me to start taking pride in my appearance.

Or at least trying to make it look like I do.

We all know seeing is believing.

Target has been having some crazy end-of-season sales lately, so after a few stops at the stores in Edina and Plymouth, I was able to amass all of these goodies for ~$150.

Yes, seriously, I own blazers now.

Here I was thinking that I would never have to touch another blazer or suit for as long as I live and now…this.

We’ve regressed.

Given the fact that I already have The Monopoly on cardigans, drape-y cardigans and ruffled tanks, it kind of seemed like it was time for me to pick up a few of those shells where you could dry clean/iron them if you really wanted to, but you could also just hang-up directly out of the dryer.

Those are the types of tops that say, “I see a future here.”  And as long as they’re a color other than white, express some sort of attempt at individualism.

See one on the sale rack?  Not sure if it’s your color?  Buy it anyway.  You’ll thank yourself on the morning when you have nothing to wear and the tags are still on it.

What’s your favorite piece of work clothing?

What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn to work?


13 responses to “A Head Start on Fall Fashion: The Working Woman

  1. All that for $150? I LOVE IT! Thank you, Target (aka. Targhetto, aka Targette-Boutique). I have felt so stupid in so many of my work outfits. And although I am “business casual” at my work, admittedly, I have these casual tennis shoes that I LOVE to wear to work with black pants, a colored Gap t-shirt, and black zip-up sweater. Bland? Absolutely. Schlumpy? Borderline. It’s just SO DIFFICULT to dress up for your co-workers who are used to seeing you everyday. In a job that I’m not “client-facing”, I really have become ok with mediocrity. ((Hangs head in shame))

  2. Most of my outfits aren’t memorable! I find shopping exhausting (which is why I love online shopping), but I’m hoping to put some effort into revamping my fall wardrobe this year. Wish me luck! Love the flowy cardigans 🙂

  3. I remember buying a suit after I finally graduated and getting it tailored and everything only to finally get into PT school and most likely not need to wear it until after I graduate when my style, no doubt, will have evolved just enough to not want to wear the suit. Genius, I tell you. Upside: PTs generally get to wear business casual to work everyday. Downside: no skirts or dresses.

  4. Sigh. I remember when my wardrobe was more FUN than ADULT. You’re right, it’s difficult to find really flattering work clothes. Express seems to be my standby place because they make some flashy pieces that I can jazz up my work wardrobe with.

  5. Right now, I get to wear scrubs everyday, all day, for school. They’re in that washed out, almost-mint green colour. Not fashionable by any stretch, but relatively comfy.

    Worst outfit I ever wore, back when I worked in an office, was a red shirt with a tie in the back, and someone asked when I was due. Okay, I was quite a bit overweight, but the tie-in-back thing is not really a good look, is it?

  6. After reading this I think two things. 1. I can’t believe how much goes into appropriate work attire! and 2. I’m SO GLAD I get to wear scrubs the rest of my life 😉

  7. One time I was rushing around too fast and got the pocket of my pants hooked on a door handle, and I kept going…resulting in ripped pants. Luckily I ripped it on the seam and a coworker had a small sewing kit. I managed to somewhat sew my pants back together and make it through the day. Ever since then, I carry a sewing kit 😉

  8. I have been searching high and low for a couple new skirts to wear to work. I’m currently down to three. Target seems to not carry skirts anymore 😦 Tried Ross and Kohl’s yesterday (those are the only other options without driving two hours…). Even tried a couple smaller boutiques. But no luck 😦 Time to resort to internet shopping. I actually had my eye on that orange Anthropologie skirt…may order…

  9. Man, I wish I had a real job so I could buy pretty clothes like that! Working at a daycare is not conducive to dressing nicely…

  10. I used to live in DC and exclusively wear suits. I was a lobbyist for a good chuck of my time there, so I tried to wear only clothes that could be worn to happy hour or a cocktail reception after work (my liver is very happy that I’m no longer a lobbyist!). A fitted black dress with a sweater or a blazer was my go-to outfit of choice.

    Now, work clothes include yoga pants and jersey knit dresses. The joys of working from home 🙂

  11. What a haul! It looks like you snapped up a TON of versatile pieces. Most of my work clothes are of the formal suit variety an I feel vaguely like a pilgrim whenever I pull them on.

  12. Nice picks for the work clothes. I’m terrible at finding the right things in my closet for work clothes, interviews, or any of that. Worst comes to worst, I go for a pencil skirt, a crisp button up and a blazer-y type jacket.

  13. Ok, this couldn’t have come at a better time, as it appears my telecommuting days are numbered. I am desperate for fashion assistance, so I shall be hitting Target and praying for the best.

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