Over and Under and Through

Today was my first day of rocking the 7:30 AM -2:30 PM schedule.  The day flew by, it was fantastic.

The best part?  My hair still looks somewhat “alive” by the time that we’re headed into the 2:00 PM hour.  Ameena, you know what I’m talking about 😉

I originally had visions of me running down to the Social Security Office after work (it closes at 3:30) to apply for a new social security card.  But when Google Maps routed me around downtown instead of through it, that was the end of that.

At this point (we’re well into two months now, kittens) I’ll be taking the lazy way out and mailing the application (along with my documents) directly to them.

Yes, this means I’m trust falling into The System.

Following that 15 minute “detour” on my way home, I went for a run and marveled at the glories of finishing before 4:30 PM.

There were many.

I admired my birthday flowers.

(It’s on Sunday).

I know.  Only six roses?

Bear with me.

I bargained with Marcus and told him that instead of sending an ostentatious bouquet to work, I would rather pick up a bouquet from ALDI every week (~$3.99) for the next year and arrange it.

Practical?  Or fantastic?  Your call.

I actioned our weekly pan of croutons.

Which I attempted to dump half of into the bottom of our oven.  While it was on.  Thankfully, Disaster was averted.

For my final act (the Social Security Office thing left me feeling less-than-accomplished), I did a bit of decluttering, involving our Windex and Pledge bottles.

After that ’bout of Hardcore Productivity, I took A Moment For Me and attended to my mitts.  They were looking tragic to the point of Downright Shamefulness.

Don’t even pretend.  Your at-home nail spa looks the same.

Lap of Luxury.  Right here.

I took a moment to catch-up with the New York Times Magazine on the deck.  I wanted to finish it so that I could throw it away, and I was craving the sun and fresh air.

I was tickled.  I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.

And if you’d like to see it more clearly, click here.

At this point, y’all probably think that I live a charmed life.

But no good deed goes unpunished.  While I was in the midst of our declutter, I decided to run the dishwasher.

The Traitor Dishwasher Returns


As my luck would have it, That Devil Thing decided to pick today to die.  Which I discovered when it refused to drain or complete a full cycle.

On the list of sights you never, EVER want to see after dinner, put this one at the top of the list, please.

After watching Marcus perform mouth-to-mouth on one of the drainage tubes (apparently The Internet Said So) and watching the ensuing sludgy brown water dribble out, I forced him to close down shop and seek Expert Advice.  It seemed like The Only Sane Thing To Do.

Have you ever replaced a dishwasher before?  Do you have any advice?

Do you keep fresh flowers around the house?

What is your favorite move from the 2011 Rock Paper Scissors page?

16 responses to “Over and Under and Through

  1. SO glad you are loving the new schedule! Like we talked about – when something feels “right”, then it must be right. 🙂 I’m a little bit jelly of your super-accomplished day!!! Also, I’ve been married 14 months and STILL have yet to complete the SS paperwork/namechange. Don’t beat yourself up over 2 months. It could be worse….. (ahem).

  2. Seeing you talk about your Social Security card reminds me that I need to renew my driver’s license- it expires next week!! Our birthdays are close- mine is next Tuesday 🙂

    For some reason, I laughed out loud when I saw the ‘treasury bonds’ move on the Rock Paper Scissors page, although I think the bear is pretty awesome too.

  3. And that’s the reason I didn’t change my name – haha! Well, one of the reasons…
    We got a new dishwasher once, but I have no advice for you, other than to get someone else to install it.
    I’m all over the fire move. Totally love the rock-paper-scissors cheat sheet!
    And I’m with you on the True Blood dream sequences. Enough already! But enjoying the views of the Eric and Alcide backsides 😉

  4. I have the exact same kitchen cabinets in my apartment!
    haha That is all.

  5. Father-In-Law

    Congratulations on the new job/schedule – and condolences on the dishwasher.

  6. I am so glad you had a good first day 🙂 I hope your new schedule keeps working well for you!

    I sent my paperwork into the Social Security office to change my name; it all worked out fine. I think it just took a bit of time. I still need to change my passport, though. It’s been three years! 😉

  7. Get a grip would be my favorite. I might sport that in your presence in the future.

  8. My hair looks like crap today and it’s only 8:34 am. I can’t wait for this day to be over already.

    We had our diswasher replaced and I’ve confimed that every single brand has it’s issues so just go for the prettiest looking one. There is nothing else you can do. It’s an expensive proprosition no matter which way you look at it!

    Does Marcus actually have tools? Our tool is the phone which we utilize to seek Expert Advice. Always.

  9. Boo on the dishwasher! We had some issues with ours, but the warranty covered it. In the meanwhile, it was a huge hassle washing by hand. We’re so spoiled these days!

  10. I can’t believe how your dishwasher betrayed you on your first new schedule day!

    I love the weekly flower idea, practical but entirely charming! Happy early birthday, lady!

  11. Oh goodness, things tend to malfunction right when you have something new and exciting happening, don’t they? Hope you get that all worked out!
    I don’t usually have flowers around, especially since I always forget to water them!

  12. Happy (belated) Birthday!!!!! I am so glad you are on the new schedule. And your Husband rocks (for both the flowers and the dishwasher fixing).

  13. Laughing out loud reading this. Our dishwasher (which we dubbed “THE original dishwasher,” as in the first one ever made) recently called it quits, so I know what you’re going through. As for your at-home nail salon: I’m impressed that you’re sitting at a table. Mine is usually on the floor of my living room with the bottle between my knees.

  14. My parent’s dishwasher has been broken for close to a year now. I honestly can’t fathom life without my dishwasher. It just can’t happen. If I pay over 600 each month in rent, then I need a machine to power soak my dishes.
    Also, were you at the barcrawl with the freestyle rock paper scissors tourney? Kelly’s Jeff took the win with “dirty diaper”. HILARIOUS

  15. Totally jealous of your schedule.

    As for the dishwasher woes, girl I feel ya. We had this portable unit that was the bane of my existence about 6 months after we moved in. We went about 2 years total in a few stretches without a working dishwasher. I refused to pay to have it fixed a second time. This story has a happy ending, as we bought a new one at Warners Stellion in June. My lovely amazing father installed it in July. (We had to demo existing cabinets since the old was on wheels). It is glorious. I wish you luck!

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