On the Lake

What was supposed to be one of the calmest weekends in recent memory ended up turning into probably one of the busiest we’ve had all summer.

Sorry for partying.

We’ve been trying to get together with Mike and Lisa for months now (they got married at the beginning of August), so when Mike suggested that we enjoy the afternoon out on Lake Minnetonka, we leapt at the chance.  Obviously.

We’ve had some of the most beautiful weather of the summer this weekend – sunny, clear skies, no humidity.

Perfect for boating.

And totally tragic at the same time because September is (literally) just around the corner.

Add in a trip to Bayside for the largest plate of nachos I’ve ever seen and a chicken wing (the pterodactyl kind) as long as my face, and we were good-to-go.

Fingers crossed, I wake up tomorrow with a lovely tan.

I finally got my act together so I could draw a winner for the giveaway.  Since there were only five entrants, I did it good old-fashioned Pick A Card, Any Card-style.

The winner is…

Lauren @ Climbing Grier Mountain!  E-mail your shipping address to tenaciouslyyourskm at gmail dot com so that I can get those goodies over to you!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


9 responses to “On the Lake

  1. Summer weekends out on the water are the absolute best…even if they do leave you exhausted afterward. I can’t believe it’s almost September!!! Such a beautiful lake you visited.

  2. There is something bittersweet about the end of August, isn’t there? All I seem to be able to think about is how winter is right around the corner, instead of savouring the current, beautiful weather.

  3. Happy to have found you! Highlight of my weekend was laying on the beach, in the sand, soaking up some rays while the nearly-two-year-old decided to sit still for TEN. WHOLE. MINUTES.

    Somebody call Guiness…we’ve got a record here.

  4. Loving all of those photos 🙂 I live vicariously through you. The highlight of my weekend was going to the Cincinnati Open and watching some world class tennis!

  5. September really is around the corner and I am looking forward to it because:

    1. Maya goes back to school.
    2. Ramadan will be over and I can eat again!

    Nothing but good things in September for me my friend…

    The lake is beautiful! I really must get to MN in the summertime.

  6. Yes, but we still have a glorious week and a half of August left. I plan to enjoy every second of it!

  7. I’m so sad that September is just around the corner! The lake looks amazing and it did look like one of those perfect summer days 🙂 I don’t think I’m ready for winter yet…*gulp*

  8. OMG! I never win anything!! Sa-weet!
    Nachos at the lake…Genius! Glad you a great weekend.

  9. Wow, it looks like it was a gorgeous day. Perfect for boating. I’d have to say shopping adventures were the highlight of my weekend.

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