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A Head Start on Fall Fashion: The Frock Edition

Tonight, Jillian and I went on our monthly date to Bukhara.  You see, we’ve managed to work out a system where our men go play poker together + eat pizza/wings, while we order prolific amounts of Indian food (Shrimp Kashmiri!  Chicken Tikka Masala!  Samosas!  Pakora!  Peshwari Naan!) , feast-it-out and discuss any and everything.

How fabulous, right?

Usually by the time that we’re done, I feel like someone should be rolling me out of the restaurant.  Rather, tonight I pulled into the garage and decided that I was going to re-organize my entire closet.

By re-organize, I don’t mean I swapped out a few shirts.  Rather, I moved whole sections of clothing and started to do some serious culling.

When The Spirit of Productivity calls, I answer.

Anyway, as promised last week, today I bring you frocks galore.

I LOVE Fall dresses because I find that they’re the most versatile pieces for year-round wear.  Let me count for you the ways:

  1. They’re not winter-heavy (hello, knits)
  2. They’re not spring-bright (which is to say, toeing the professional line)
  3. It’s the best season for pieces that transition well between day and night (since Lord knows we’re not made of money)

Which is to say that if everything I owned fell into the categories of Fall or Resort, I would be good to go.

Or maybe it already does.

The bad news?  If you’re looking for anything on the order of a mini-dress, I’m probably going to disappoint you today.

I’m not sure if I’ve just been watching too much Princess Kate or what the deal is, but right now my ideal hemline hits right above the knee.


Knees, knees everywhere and not an inch of cleavage.

Even though every fashion magazine makes an attempt each issue to try to sell you on the idea that flats and dresses are meant to go together, I’m STILL not sold.

Yes, you can do it.

But truth be told, I’ve never seen a girl walking down the street in a dress and ballet flats and thought, How sensible – I wish I could be her.

That sister who is strutting in a pair of rhinestone-studded stilettos?  I ALWAYS want to be her.

Enter: Mantra Time!  When you’re getting ready for a date or a fun night out (regardless of what you’re wearing or where you’re going), repeat the following to yourself: Pretty is not always practical.

But back to this whole heels-thing.

Since we’re in-between seasons, there are a lot of great peep-toe and closed-toe options as far as heels are concerned.  And if you’re blessed to live in a place where the threat of snow isn’t a constant spectre, I don’t see why you shouldn’t rock both styles year-round.

On the other hand, if you live on the Tundra, go closed-toe and add in a platform in case you find yourself tottering down Nicollet Mall in a pair of heels after a fresh layer of snow has fallen.

Getting snow in your boots is bad.  But getting snow in your pumps is SO MUCH WORSE.

I thought this was only going to be a two-part series, but in light of the fact that I now seem to be pursuing some semblance of a career, next week we’ll cover cute staples for the office.

As a little bit of homework for next week’s post, If you had to buy a blazer, where would you go?

What clothes are you dying to snap-up for your wardrobe this fall?