A little bit of this…

Did you source anything from the Rue La La sale on Friday?

I found a couple of frocks that were practically leaping into my closet.

I wasn’t sure if I should buy two or not, but then the little voice in my head said…buy two.  In the words of Lilly herself, “Too much is never enough.”

I’ve already got more than just a few ideas for where I’d like to debut them, but I think I’ll be keeping that to myself until we get a little bit closer to that time.

For  perfect end to a relaxing weekend, today Ann and I FINALLY got together after eight months of saying, “We should really do this.”

Right?  Right.

We rendezvoused at the Highland Cafe which is this super-cute family owned place in St. Paul.  No, we didn’t take any pictures (Do you know me?  Or do you know me?).  But in-case you were wondering, I had some sort of extravagant veggie omelet complete with broccoli AND cauliflower.  It was just to die for.

Did I mention that it was just getting together with an old friend?  Because there was that, too.  Naturally, we had a lot (read: two hours worth of material) to workshop.  I’m always amazed at how conversation just flows when you’re meeting blog-friends in real life.  I mean, yes, there are always little bits here and there that need some filling-in.  But it really is just like picking up where you left off.

While I was lunching, Marcus was working on staining the bed frame.  Apparently he spotted a family of ducks crossing the street and was so moved to action a photo-safari.

I’m not sure if I’m more surprised about the fact that there are ducklings running around our neighborhood, or the fact that Marcus decided they were photo-worthy.  Or the fact that I’ve been trying to capture a good snap of ducklings all season and have been failing miserably.

Anyway, here they are.

I’m no animal expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think there’s been a second hatching this year.

Not that I’m complaining 😉  The lack of baby animals ’round these parts this year was actually starting to make the neighborhood seem a little…quiet.

Do you use any sample sale shopping sites?  If so, which ones?

Is it normal to see baby animals around at this point in the summer?

I mean, I get that they might not be fully grown yet, but I was operating under the assumption that we wouldn’t be seeing any that were quite as tiny as the group pictured above.  I mean, they’re still covered in fluff for crying-out-loud.


11 responses to “A little bit of this…

  1. I don’t know about baby animals, but I did see a tiny miniature horse that could do math this weekend….

  2. I loved brunch today!! It was so fun, and I totally adore you, in a non-creepy way!! We must rendezvous soon, perhaps for a bbq? Jay said “yes” to a bike trainer (actually, his words were, “best gift EVER!!!”), and hungry cat loved the leftover vegetable scramble!! Did you confirm me on fb so we’re legit? Thanks again, I had a great time!! You = awesome!!!!

  3. I saw ducklings with their mother when I was out running yesterday, and they were definitely bigger than the ones in your photo. Seems a bit late to me. Don’t they have to migrate and stuff soon?

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

    Cute frocs! I am soo ready to be able to wear cute non maternity clothes again.. countdown begins!

    Happy Monday


  5. What cuties! And I agree that it seems a bit late for them to be that small…

    Congrats on the two great dresses, I never actually pull the trigger on sale site items but you scored to fab dresses!

  6. In no particular order:

    1. Marcus is a good man.
    2. The blue dress is fab.
    3. We are seeing lots of animal babies around here, too. I blame it on the 6 months of snow we had last winter. They were just trying to keep warm. 😉

  7. I usually don’t shop online unless it’s a store where I know for a fact the sizes are going to fit. This is particularly true for final sale items. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever grabbed something online that was final sale.
    Too stressful.
    I love the 1st dress. How cute!

  8. Eee, both of those dresses are adorbs! Glad you got both, rock them soon and post pics!

  9. Aw, cute ducklings. That blue frock is fantastic! As for the socializing with friends who you haven’t seen in awhile, it’s always great when you can go on for hours just catching up.

  10. Yay for cute smocks! I think back to school shopping is something that never dies; August rolls around, and, golly, my wardrobe needs a little facelift.
    Love the baby ducks. So fun. I guess there must be baby animals in summer … Maybe they’re surprises?

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