The Honeymoon: Mykonos and Athens

For all of my whining about photo-editing and whatnot, I think y’all will find great irony in the fact that after looking at our pictures from Mykonos and Athens again, I discovered that some of them might be the loveliest SOOC shots we’ve ever taken.

Thank you, Mediterranean for your sunwashed stones and turquoise waters.


For all that I was slightly nonplussed by Santorini, I absolutely ADORED the scenery on Mykonos.  We took a bus tour of the island and it was like a postcard the entire time.

Did you know that Mykonos is just ferociously windy?  Me neither.  As we stood at the top of some roadside vista, we were informed by our guide that they regularly get gusting winds of up to 60 MPH.  I was not coping with that.  But it did make me thankful that I’m Ever-Vigilant about having Excellent Hair and arm myself with a hairbrush at all times.

While I would say that this is an island that everyone needs to see, there are only 30 taxis on the entire island and 600 churches.

For context.


We sailed into Athens just days before things in Greece started to get really bad.

I mean, you know me.  I hear about Major Conflict and Rush In, rather than Out.

While we were there, our main mission was to see the Acropolis.  Which, I learned refers to the actual hill/design technique vs. the actual structure.  Apparently there are acropolises (acropoli?) all over the place ’round that part of the world.

That (small) fact aside, it was breathtaking.  Mostly, I fixated on how Impressive it was that they managed to get all of those rocks from such distances and then…all the way up there.

Apparently they’re re-building parts of it with stone from the same quarry, because obviously completed structures have slightly more curb appeal than…ruins.  I don’t get that, since I’m of the school that it’s best to leave historical things as they lay.

To each their own.

Following the Acropolis, we hopped on the bus for a city tour that included a visit to the stadium that opened the first modern Olympic games (it was actually rather full of general flotsam when we saw it) and a drive past the parliament building.

What you don’t see is the chain link fence surrounding the area, covered in angry protest signs and banners.

Retrospectively, we probably should have taken some snaps of them, but I thought that in 50 years when we look back at these pictures, they’d likely be more perplexing than anything else.

What is the one place you’ve visited that is postcard-perfect?

Have you ever traveled to a country dealing with unrest?  Where?

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9 responses to “The Honeymoon: Mykonos and Athens

  1. Those are the most perfect SOOC shots that I’ve ever seen. Napa?Sonoma Valleys in the Fall is also perfectly beautiful.

    I was in Haiti once about a minute and a half before all hell broke loose.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. So lovely.

    Cinque Terre and Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman are postcard-perfect. Went to South Africa in 2003, and while there was not exactly a conflict going on, it is very…sketchy. Definitely an undercurrent of violence at all times. But a beautiful country!

  4. I’ve never been to a country during a period of unrest, but I did come across an anti-American rally once… I pretended I was Canadian the rest of the trip…

  5. Gorgeous shots, truly postcard perfect! Glad that you made it through unscathed!

  6. Oh Greece, it’s totally up there on my checklist of life. I had a total fascination with Greek gods and mythology when I was younger, this would have been a dream trip! Love the photos of the ruins!

  7. I am SOOO jealous!! I want to go to these places so bad. Just the history there is amazing to me! Gorgeous pics lady!

  8. I love the view of Athens from the Acropolis. And I love that you can see the Acropolis from various random homes and office buildings in the city…like the random office I had to find to get my airline ticket replaced (back when they were paper). I will never forget that odd moment in time and the view from that window, looking out to the Acropolis.

  9. Oh my goodness, so lovely! I want to go! We honeymooned in Capri, Rome, and Nice. Capri was my favorite. I would go there tomorrow!

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