Daily Archives: 08.10.2011

Well. About that.


Yes, this is another one of Those Wednesdays where I should be regaling you all with tales of exotic, faraway lands.  And it’s also another one of Those Wednesdays where I freely admit that photo editing absolutely did not happen over the weekend (this is what happens when you have five events in three days) and I wasn’t in the mood to dedicate my entire evening to The Blog tonight.

Or maybe I just wanted to enjoy dinner with my husband, my best friend, my little bro in Sammys and his new fiance.


But the beat goes on, and because life is a 24/7 gig, y’all know I always have something to share.

On Saturday, I told y’all about my new job.  Right?


Um.  Well.  About that.

My current employer wasn’t exactly thrilled to see me go.  And by that, I mean they were absolutely unwilling.  They made me a counter offer, and it was the one that I had told my friends and family I wouldn’t be able to refuse.

The specifics?  A promotion.  A raise.  A 30 hour work week (40 hours and I are SO done).  All of the time off my little heart desires.

For the record: My little heart desires lots of vacation.  I may or may not have a running list of locales, both domestic and exotic, in the back of my planner right now.

The stock market dropped another 500 points today.  I know, I’m as horrified as you are.

So as much as I would like to think that I have a wonderfully adventurous streak, I’m also painfully practical.

A job that pays bills is good.  But a job that pays the mortgage is better.  A job that can do those things while allowing me the aforementioned freedom I’ve been craving is pretty much 11/10.

I took the position.

Honestly, I thought that I would feel a little more conflicted about the whole Should I Stay Or Should I Go-issue.  But last night, while Marcus and I picked away at our freshly grilled dinner on the patio, I realized that I’ve been trying to chase life and tie it down since April.  That I had been yearning (yes, seriously) for a change in the actual structure of my job/work environment for FAR longer.

That’s a really long time to be unsettled by anyone’s standards.

So in the course of one week, I’ve managed to accept a job offer, quit a job, accept another job and then decline a job offer.

Are you confused yet?

Me too.

Good news – there is an end in sight.  I am finally at peace.

When you’re confronted with a challenging decision, how do you know that you’ve made the right one?

When was the last time you felt like everything in your life was up in the air?

Up next tomorrow: The Honeymoon, Part IV – Mykonos and Athens